TL-WR840N V5 Can't Access the Router

My first guess on a device with 4 MB of flash is that you don't have a functional overlay.

What do



df -h



So it means i cannot reboot my router right ?

The router has very limited Flash memory. If your case is that there is no space to save configuration (and I imagine that your image is so stripped that there are no packages you can remove to make space), then you should avoid rebooting. You could have the configuration commands and settings saved in a text file on your PC so that you can easily make the configuration if you reboot.

I think so. But it to hard if everytime my power home off, i must setting it over again, lol so Can you PM me some router with 8mb flash arround 10 - 15$ maybe ? Cause in my region its soo expensive didnt need too much just need it for normall routers, and need it for vpn mini server, 300mbps link speed, and dual bands. 100mb ethernet its okay, even my isp only 30mb lol @@

See What's your favourite cheap LEDE/OpenWrt device? for some inspiration.

Look what's available used on ebay or the likes, then cross check that with the discussion @tmomas mentioned above and also with

I Guess i will go for wr1043nd v2 Looks Cool and the features as well as i needed.... :smile:

i bricked my wr840n v5 and i flashed @schara and now i can connect my router through puddy > ssh . how can i revart to my stock firmwere can u help me plz???? @jeff

From reading this:;a=commit;h=d0ef27594a8d9156e6748e890229d2daa32465fd

  • Do not attempt TFTP recovery.
  • The flash over stock uses a sysupgrade image, thus you can probably flash the stock firmware from OpenWrt using sysupgrade. First use binwalk on a Linux PC to compare the properties of the two files.