OpenWrt 18.06.1 mac cloning does not work


OpenWRT 18.06.1 has problems with cloning mac.
Now the mac is inserted by default in
config device 'wan_dev' section in network fie
but if you clone a mac with lucy this ist still inserted in
config interface 'wan'
which too are ip etc.

This sould be corrected. Mac cloning has no effect while mac in wan_dev is not deleted by hand.

Update: This version of OpenWRT does have same mac on eth0.1 and eth0.2
of not set in /etc/config/network file
I'v found that hw macs of board is in file
and in my opinion this should be used.
If you set the mac in /etc/config/network file you cannot save a configuration
and reestore the configuration on other router of same hw version without modifing file...

This is expected as the VLAN is a tag in the Ethernet packet, that is sent from the physical interface eth0. At least with the hardware I am familiar with, MAC address is a hardware address, not virtualized over VLANs.

Edit: You could try cloning the MAC to eth0, rather than to the VLANs defined.

Ups I have missed that wlan now is a vlan.
Just tried to configure as in older systems as eth0.2 as eth1 in files
but eth1 is not coming up

That wlan is in switch as vlan is a "feature" of new OpenWRT Version or depends of hw?
What is the pros to use a vlan instead of an normal interface?

Depends on hardware -- If you've got two phys available on your SoC (eth0 and eth1, for example), then you can use one for "WAN" and another for "LAN". If you've only got one (typically all "old" units, as well as most "cheap" units), then you have to use VLANs to split the two.

With single-phy devices, the "pro" is that they work at all :wink: You do what you have to. In the days of 100 Mbps Ethernet and when a 25 Mbps DSL line was super fast, it wasn't a performance issue. Now with gigabit connectivity, even a dedicated phy for the WAN and one for the LAN is getting dicey.

With a dual-phy device, you don't need VLANs (for this) and there aren't really any advantages to forcing all the traffic through one phy for keeping WAN and LAN traffic separate.