Support for D-Link DIR-853

Hi I have new model of router called D-Link DIR-853.

I have found some information about it here:
I was able to access it using telnet and got some more information using console:

Looks the same as D-Link DIR-860L rev. B1 by specification so I think it is possible to install LEDE.
Also I have wrote a message to dlink and got testing version of firmware:

file -k ./DIR_853_MT7621AT_3.5.0_internal.bin
./DIR_853_MT7621AT_3.5.0_internal.bin: u-boot legacy uImage, DIR_853_MT7621AT, Linux/MIPS, OS Kernel Image (lzma), 1724041 bytes, Fri Mar 16 13:51:16 2018, Load Address: 0x80001000, Entry Point: 0x803A10C0, Header CRC: 0xBA54E809, Data CRC: 0x4D6C3FBC\012- data

How to build LEDE image using this information?

Your gist gives a 404 here when I click the link?

Here's an other link:

I have also made binwalk of firmware

Since it's squashfs, you should be able to mount it on a Linux machine, as well as looking at the ones from both the OEM DIR-860L rev. B1 and what is built by OpenWRT (the OpenWRT tool chain has the about-to-be-squashed root file system in the staging_dir directory, at least for the devices I build here).

thank you Jeff. Do you have some kind instruction how to do it? I was able to cut SquashFS from bin image and unpack it. What needs to be replaced there to allow openwrt installation and how to pack it back?

It's more that the existing image can provide insight into what you need to compile into an OpenWRT image and some of the options and configuration that might be needed. It isn't that I'd recommend "splicing" the output of the OpenWRT build process into the existing binary.

any luck with this router ?

any update on the topic ?

Tell me if there will be a firmware for dir 853 and why there is still no problem in creating it.

There will only be support for this device, if some with this particular hardware -e.g. you- comes up and develops/ submits the necessary patches. This work can only be done by someone with the opened device on their desk, a lot of time/ patience and some experience.

If you don't start this development yourself, you will have to wait for someone else to buy this device for their own needs and do the necessary work for you (and others). With popular devices this might happen eventually, but there is no one just waiting for user requests, nor any budget to buy devices - so if you are not lucky, it might never happen at all.

Can u help me with Dlink DIR 853 router where it's just blinking that is the power button is staying orange colour and then blinks again and same goes on

pfernandes, you have your own thread for your flash-problems: Dlink Dir853 not working properly

(dont highjack this existing thread as duplicate)

and i think it would be a good idea, to close this thread here, als there is more recent discussion going on here regarding general supportability status of 853: