Dlink Dir853 not working properly

I have dlink DIR 853 router

And it goes on blinking or restarting and the web page of the router also not opening

Please help

What did you do before the router stopped working?

I presume you tried to install OpenWrt.
Which firmware file did you use, and which installation guide did you follow?

Thanks for your quick reply

I used from a site the 1st patch worked but the second patch it stopped all of a sudden and this issue occured

try recovery: https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/installation/recovery_methods/d-link_recovery_gui

This is not happening any other way?

Hi ,

During the firmware updated it got restarted and automatically and then after the router just keeps on restart and i am not able to open the default page, looks like during the firmware update something went wrong and it got break , due to wich it keeps on restarting any way we can load the open firmware again ?