Support for Asus SRT-AC1900 (OnHub)?

Will there ever be support for this router? It seems a couple of people have asked before, but no definite answer was ever given, not even on the router's own page

Before giving this explanation, let me state that I am not a very technical user, so if I get some details wrong, I apologize. Anyway, I looked into the technical details of this router, using the page I previously mentioned for it as a reference to see whether or not this router could be supported. Based and Flash MB and RAM alone, it seems possible, but then I looked into SoC support.

If I understand this page correctly, then since the SRT-AC1900 uses a Qualcomm CPU, it cannot be supported, because Qualcomm processors use Ubicom IP Blocks, which are unsupported by Linux kernels (which, by extension, makes it incompatible with OpenWRT).

So, in conclusion, it seems to me that the Asus SRT-AC1900 is incompatible with OpenWRT. Is this correct?

Specification wise it shouldn't be too difficult to support the ASUS SRT-AC1900, it appears to be a bog standard ipq8064 SOC with two QCA9880-BR4A (ath10k) wlan cards (probably similar to the slightly newer ZyXEL NBG6817, bootloader/ firmwares on spi-nor, kernel+rootfs on eMMC). And yes, it should be fully supportable, those ubicom32 derived (NSS/ NPU) cores you're referring to are 'just' optional hardware accelerators for network offloading, they're only useful above 350-400 MBit/s WAN throughput and not required for normal operations below that (all ip806x devices are in the same boat regarding that situation). But in order to actually provide the device specific porting (DTS, etc.), someone with the hardware on the desk and a serial console needs to work on it (that someone could be you) and provide a patch. Given that all the hardware basics should be supported that might not be too difficult, but there could always be nasty surprises (e.g. if the vendor has applied signature verification for firmware upgrades or done something else in a non-standard way) - in the end no one knows, until it ends up on the desk of a developer (in the broadest sense of the word).

As usual in opensource there are no timeframes, chances are high that none of the official OpenWrt developers will 'ever' get such a device on their desk (if you care enough, you might be able to change that) - it's a small team and there is no budget to go around and buy every (or any) device from the shelves. Developers usually look into porting devices they get into their hands 'by accident' or which appear useful or merely interesting for their own/ personal needs. A large part of device ports are also contributed by external (often 'drive by') developers who care about their device and provide a pull request/ patch queue to get it supported in OpenWrt.

Yes, currently the ASUS SRT-AC1900 is not supported by OpenWrt, but there doesn't appear to be any fundamental reason that would rule out adding support for it. ipq806x is a pretty capable SOC family with a relatively good support status.

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Thank you for the very informative answer. I'll see about possibly adding support for the router myself.

Hello, I have such device which for some reason doesnt work (was working and one day stopped). Unfortunately google support doesn’t provide it to me, tried recovery with google magic tools which also never ends.

So i have a device and ready to do something, but need instructions. Appreciate for guidance.

Hopefully i can at least retrieve certain valuable information which can make sense for someone.

Open it up, find the serial console, post the boot log, assuming it's still booting.

It sounds too simple for experienced person. But I have no clue where to find "serial console".
Appreciate direction to manual or how to locate area for serial cable connectivity.

We don't know, you'd have to post photos, unless they can be found at, I haven't checked there.