Support for Archer c50 v4


I did compile the .bin file from the branch c50v4-noboot as this contained exactly the same description as seen in your latest link.
I kept on going and at the end I got this file (SelfMade-Archer_C50v4-OpenWrt-blocktrron_c50v4-noboot. Here is the VirusTotal check. This is the sha256 48e6174efda8405462b489f37ad4d21626fcef4885234232e7221f2034add363 ).
I'll give this a try tonight. As soon as I have some news I'll post.




sorry, I've just seen your posts. The assumption you did regarding the tree I've meant was right.

I did test my tree just yesterday and everything works as expected, the patch also got sent to the mailinglist:

So if the installation method is no blocker for upstream support this device should be in master soon.

Best wishes


I managed to install the built image to the c50 v4 and it works perfectly. The only thing I noticed, the Image has no LuCi (please follow the described steps from pulkkinen)

Thanks a lot everyone.


Hi! Witch build and install-methode did you use? I have an new c50 v4 and not shure witch way is the right way.

Thanks! M


For Archer C50 v4 installation see: