Support for Archer c50 v4

I did compile the .bin file from the branch c50v4-noboot as this contained exactly the same description as seen in your latest link.
I kept on going and at the end I got this file (SelfMade-Archer_C50v4-OpenWrt-blocktrron_c50v4-noboot. Here is the VirusTotal check. This is the sha256 48e6174efda8405462b489f37ad4d21626fcef4885234232e7221f2034add363 ).
I'll give this a try tonight. As soon as I have some news I'll post.



sorry, I've just seen your posts. The assumption you did regarding the tree I've meant was right.

I did test my tree just yesterday and everything works as expected, the patch also got sent to the mailinglist:

So if the installation method is no blocker for upstream support this device should be in master soon.

Best wishes

I managed to install the built image to the c50 v4 and it works perfectly. The only thing I noticed, the Image has no LuCi (please follow the described steps from pulkkinen)

Thanks a lot everyone.

Hi! Witch build and install-methode did you use? I have an new c50 v4 and not shure witch way is the right way.

Thanks! M

For Archer C50 v4 installation see:

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Maybe this helps a little:

Or even gives you the comfort of using the files

Hey all,

I have cloned @blocktrron 's c50v4 branch and compiled a build with LuCI and full wpad package.

Installed the resulting factory image from the TPLink WebUI and so far so good.

The Power LED keeps off, have to check the LED settings if there's something to change about that, but my problem is the wifi:
I can use the 2.4 Ghz Wifi, but the 5Ghz modes aren't there. And as others wrote that 5Ghz is working fine for them, I'm confused what I'm missing.

In my /etc/config/wireless I only see one radio and that is the 2.4Ghz type. But the 5Ghz radio isn't listed there either.

Any advice? Maybe I forgot something in the buildconfig?

Greetings, L

You have to build from my c50v4-noboot branch in order to get an up-to-date image. The c50v4 branch contains stuff which has no chance of going upstream, therefore it is in a very old state. Make sure you remove your .config file before building.

You can simply sysupgrade the image from there. Just make sure you make sure to drop existing configuration

Umm, the build only gave me the sysupgrade image.
That's flashable directly from an existing openwrt installation?

So for the c50v4-noboot branch to be flashable from the original firmware I'd have to do the dd trick for uboot?


Oh gosh,

I tried it with the c50v4-noboot branch aswell now.
But I first compiled a build where I used the master branch and merged the c50v4-noboot branch into it.
Seems there happened something upstream that kills the 5Ghz.
After switching to the c50v4-noboot and building without the latest upstream changes the 5Ghz is working well^^.

Merry Christmas to you all :slight_smile:


Yup, this change happened some days after i touched the branch the last time which is the reason for non-working 5GHz:;a=commit;h=295b37d207815c196761198a2c61bfa94bee2a54

I've rebased the c50v4-noboot branch on current master, it should build correct now

i created system upgrade image with latest kernel, adblock, luci, upnp..if someone wants to try, here it is:
just flash it through luci system update..

Yep, it works fine. Thank you for your fast response, especially at this time of the year :tada:

It worked like a charm!

I'm new with openwrt and firmware flashing. So i did it in my way.

First step, i used recovery file of Dielee to flash via TFTP (hold reset button). Because I don't have serial cable, i checked the status by led signal. If only power is on, it mean failed. I need to try with other recovery file.

Next, upgrade image. Hold WPS and turn it on. Then access to, , it show a form to upgrade firmware. So, I used the ...-noboot.bin file of Nithe to upgrade image and it worked.

Thanks everyone for help me fixed this brick.

Hey Guys,
the last days i've been trying stuff and it looks as if I bricked my Archer c50.

Does anyone know if I can apply or do I need to apply any other file (the full tp-link firmware file?) /method?

same happend to me.
only "tftpd64" worked for me with "openwrt-ramips-mt76x8-tplink_c50-v4-squashfs-tftp-recovery.bin" (rename it to tp_recovery.bin)

@cowl0ver could you explain me where you got that file from? Or could you possibly give me some link to download it?
I am currently not sure if my las make process was made correctly and I am afraid of using any file from my last run.

Router looks for an IP address of and a file named tp_recovery.bin

  1. Setup your computer to (SubnetMask /24 = and connect it to LAN1.

  2. Start TFTP server (with tftpd64) and provide recovery file with it.

  3. To activate TFTP Recovery press and hold WPS/Reset Button during powering (8 sec.) on until WPS LED turns on.

I used this one

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It seems that I got some kind of special aura/luck/"intelligence".
I started the tftp server, put your file to download, started the tftp-recovery.
Now the bright Christmas lightning stopped but only the Power LED is constantly on.
I put my PC interface back to DHCP client, also tried hard IP, but I am not able to connect to the Archer (should be, correct?)

Do you have any kind of idea what I am missing? Or I'm yo "doof" to understand?

Can you still activate TFTP Recovery by holding the reset-button on power-on? The WPS LED goes to solid on while in TFTP mode.