Support for Archer c50 v4

please share your compile? Help me, I was tftt v3 to v4 and now it only show one led power! please help

Hello guys,

compiled and uploaded it to dropbox.
Pls try if it's working, my C50v4 arrives monday.

EDIT: Maybe someone cares about viruses... have a look at here: Virustotal

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works perfectly with UI flash. opkg install luci if you want LUCI web interface is the only thing needed. Firmware is stable and has been running for 3 days now transfering 100g over both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz

commit to master is next step from my end.

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which of the three files did you flash?

How did you install LUCI?

Thanks for your help!


Wait for it to reboot.

connect the router to an internet connection with cable (lan port on another router works fine).

Connect with Putty to the IP address of the router.

username: root

type opkg update
then type opkg install luci

then open a browser and type http://routerip

You should now see LUCI like this. link%20archer

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Good morning guys,

compiled image with LUCI:


Thanks, can you compile with openvpn-openssl

Kernel is mismatch from original packages.


please can you make a openwrt / Luci / openvpn-openssl with luci image.

Thanks for your help!

Here is the error:



Hello Guys,
it's not my code so i'm unable to change kernel sources or something else.
I try to build an other Image with a different kernel in a few hours, but i'm not sure if it boots...

Thank you for your efforts!

I compiled a new image with ovpn... Not sure if it works but here it is:

If this won't work someone have to change the kernel in code or something else to make ovpn running.

Superb, I will test and correct code if needed. Can you share your development branch with me so I can commit my changes on top of yours?

Bloctron branch is working have been running on my C50v4 for 2 weeks with no reboots or instability on 2.4 or 5 ghz have transferred more than 500GB on both Interfaces.

I'm using this Github branch.
It's not my work!

Regarding upstreaming the Archer C50 v4: I plan on submitting a patch without the dual-uboot hackery and provide instructions on how to create your own factory image. This might be more inconvenient but IMHO has a much greater chance of getting supported upstream.



THANKS for your work!!!!

When you work on a Image for the C50v4 please can you add USB support, for the people that soldered an USB-port on the PCB like described here:

Best Regards

This is not going upstream, as upstream only supports OOTB hardware

@blocktrron - Is there any kind of schedule or timeline in which we can hope/expect the support for Archer C50 v4 to be official?

Sorry for the delayed response, i currently do not have my Archer C50 v4
with me, but I've made the relevant changes, it's just needed to test
those. I wont be able to test them myself until mid of next week.

If you can test them, we might get the patch submitted earlier.

So if you can build an image and flash it to the device as described in
the commit message (and the device is working without any problems after
that :wink: ) the patch is - from my side - ready to be submitted.

Best Wishes

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Unfortunatelly I didn't manage to make this on the weekend. I'll try it the next few days.
But just one question to make sure I get things wright.

Which "OpenWRT sysupgrade" do I need to use?

Or would it be possible for you to supply the ".bin" file to install/update?
Could you please also add opkg? and/or LuCi?

Kind regards