TP-Link Archer C50V3 USB MOD


Always unplug the mains while working on your hardware!

Some modifications may require advanced soldering. If you have never done this before you may consider practising on something else.
I am not responsible for any damage to you or your gear.
You try the following at your own risk! If you do so....

Since the ArcherC50V3 has a MT7628AN Chipset it should be possible to add a single USB port/ or a HUB chip to it.
I analysed the mainboard, was quite easy with the MT7628AN Datasheet we can find in the internet. In good practice the engineers terminated the unused ports with 15k resistors to ground.


Support for Archer c50 v4

So there is no need to pin/pad solder a 0,2mm wire directly. We simply can desolder the resistors, solder a usbport, with a 0,5mm wire, XD , and start compiling our own openwrt image with the ports enabled. Some of you might know that this router is powered by +9 volts, mine is +8.96Volts and that this MT7628 uses 3.3volt only setup. After i calculated the needed power for a 4 Port USB hub and attached 500mA devices i decides to add a 7805 regulator + capacitor from my component wastebin to the mod.
I've done so and it works like a charm.



Because there is no good support for the rtl8188ety 3.3v wifi module in openwrt (rtl8188eu). I was unable to use it directly without the 7805 as third wifi device.


Hope this helpes someone! You'll find the modded dts files in my GIT :
GITHUP openwrt repo with mptcp and archerc50v3 USB mod

feel free to ask questions or correct me if im wrong
greetings elias


Don't desolder 15k resistorts


Good Point! Ill ad them on my breakout board lo lessern stress to the pads ...


Thanks for your tips.
I'm trying to insert a USB female wire using your figures.
I intend to use a cheap (~ 2 dollars) regulator for mentain 5V between VCC and ground.
My goal is use a USB flash drive to increase the router's store capacity.
I started by trying to create a firmware using the source code of your github.
I would like some help for make a new firmware for ArcherC50V3 with USB support.
I did these procedures:
-- scripts/feeds update -a
-- scripts/feeds install -a
-- make menuconfig
-> Target System (MediaTek Ralink MIPS)
-> Subtarget (MT76x8 based boards)
-> Target Profile (TP-Link ArcherC50 v3 Modded)
-- make -j1 V=s
Result: the firmware was created and works, but it still didn't have USB support.

As I saw that the "usbphy" code was inserted in the file ArcherC50V3.dts, I repeted the procedures above from scratch, but I chose "Target Profile (TP-Link ArcherC50 v3)".
Result: Error: ../dts/ArcherC50V3.dts:72.1-7 syntax error