Slow lan and wifi speed

Hi everyone! Just installed OpenWRT to my TP-Link Archer C6 router. Did it because of the last situation and incoming full controll of the internet in my country (Russia). I just wanted to install a VPN on the entire router so that I could also use the VPN on my TV, and unfortunately, TPLINK routers have the only one way to put a VPN on the router,- use openWRT.
I set up a connection through PPPoE, since my internet provider connects directly through this tunnel protocol. Then I figured out how to create a wifi access point. I must also say, that I did not change any checkmarks and settings.
So, I have a problem that through patch cable speed of internet is about 180 mbps, and thgough wifi is just 70-80 mps, but before, on the original TPlink driver it was 650 mpbs through patch catble and 350-400 through wifi connection. what i have to do now, to have same speed as i had before? This settings are hard asf cuz i didnt see interfaces like this never before in my life, and dont even have engineer education xD Hope to get your help, what i have to change in the settings

I can't offer specific support about the speed issue you are experiencing, but a few things...

Do you mean PPPoE? Most ISPs don't use VPN protocols for their connections (PPTP = a VPN protocol, PPPoE is a connection protocol for establishing internet connectivity for many types of connections).

And on the topic of VPNs -- do not use PPTP as your VPN protocol -- it is effectively useless in terms of security (to the point that it is considered unsuitable for use on the internet -- it is so trivial to hack). Consider Wireguard or OpenVPN for VPN protocols which are far more secure. Most commercial VPN providers support at least OpenVPN, but WG is becoming more popular because it is easier to configure, much higher performance, and modern/secure with a few other benefits under the hood.

As an aside (and with an attempt to stay apolitical), with the situation fast evolving both within Russia and countries beyond your borders, it is certainly possible that commercial VPNs outside Russia may become difficult to use. You'll probably need to select a VPN service that has many different international servers and that works to provide service even where governments may attempt to block such services. I don't know what the current situation is on that front and how it could change, but just something to be aware of.

Ye, im sorry, internet connection through PPPoE, not PPTP
about VPN, i have an account of VPN provider, that supports OpenVPN protocol .

Btw, i just turned ON Software flow offloading and Hardware flow offloading in firewall settings and my LAN internet speed back to the moon . May i ask one more thing, how can i create two Wi-Fi access points, 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz and combine them into one network, depending on the device and the distance from the router, as it was in the original firmware of my router?
PS sorry for my stupid question

You just configure them individually, but using the same access credentials (encryption type, PSK, country code).

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You will not get the performance line before as OpenWRT does not use some hardware offloading. But it should be better like you can see above. So perhaps change the Wifi driver and enable offloading. That is all you can do…the CPU is the bottleneck. But if I am right you got this already.