Slow lan and wifi speed

And what is your opinion about the WiFi speed?
I don't think I have a choice about the PPPoE.
Given PPPoE is the only way I can connect to the carrier, is there any additional configurations that can be made to speed up the WiFi connection?
I've deleted the built-in wlan6 interface cause the wan interface gets also an IPv6 address and now I get ~95-98 Mbps.

It would be best to test the wifi performance in isolation from the routing, namely by using iperf3 against a wired iperf3 'server' in your LAN. As a pure AP, I would expect more from it - but for tests over the internet (when it has to do the wifi in addition to PPPoE, NAT, routing, firewalling) that might be 'normal' for the given hardware.

Keep in mind, ath79 is a single core SOC(-family) - and that shows particularly when doing multiple things at once.

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Thank you so much, I did everything to fix the same problem as yours, but I couldn't until I read your charm reply. Now the question is can I use QoS/SQM when these 2offloading settings are On? My router is NETGEAR XR500. the speed was 200Mbps after 530Mbps!

Totally different device/ SOC (--> new/ different thread), but in short:

  • ipq806x doesn't have a supported hardware flow-offloading procedure (and hardware flow-offloading does break sqm anyways)
  • software flow-offloading is technically possible
    • but in practice sqm makes all code flows take the slow path (as sqm needs to have fine grained control over each packet), so you lose (almost-) all of the benefits of flow-offloading without anything to offload, while retaining its quirks (leaving you with the worst of both worlds). So 'possible', but not helpful.

The only sensible solution would be a device that's fast enough to cope with sqm/cake at your desired speeds without any offloading necessary (x86_64 comes to mind).