Rpi4 < $(community_build)

For the builds

I would say it’s stable and safe as I’ve had no issues here in ~2 years now

Wulfy23’s builds just work great!

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Anyone try to run docker host on this build / rpi4 yet?

looks like there is a NEW build !

will install tonight

github says that it's experimental, wait until tomorrow.

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Sounds like a plan :slight_smile:

should we upgrade? is it tested and is it working?

Anyone who upgraded to the latest build any issues or not? is working fine for me

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Please help with enabling the custom firewall for HL and TTL mangling all outbound traffic through the usb0 interface.

I was able to enable (I think) the feature FWCUSTOM=1 in /etc/custom/wrt.ini, but my outbound TTL remains unchanged - tested by pinging through CLI on windows and SSH terminal in openWRT. Any help would be appreciated.

For reference: cell phone tethered through the usb0 interface requiring a specific TTL/HL value to be compatible with my network setup.