Rpi4 < $(community_build)

no new builds for a while, are you guys still using this build or moved to something else?

still using this build

Using it. Works great

Using it. Rock solid.

Same - DFRobot IOT carrier board & CM4

Just asking in a very polite way has anyone been keeping an eye on the development of BanIP. From what i have see they seem to have a working version could some one with more experience have a look.

??? banIP has worked for ages???

As far as i know i am useing iptables and the new version of banIP seems is useing nftables.

can someone explain.

new release release uptodate: 2.1.15-5 twicedaily[refresh] [backup] [tty]


Yup. That's why I set up a basic CA with easy-rsa, import the CA certs into my browser and load a cert signed by that CA into each device. Note that for a device accessed by IP address, you need the SubjectAltName (SAN) field properly populated. I'll try to dig up how to do that if no one else does, I need to head out in a few minutes.

Hello people

is this still a Live topic ?

any news from the Boss

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the boss used to be active on github. but no responses lately :frowning:

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@synapse do you think if we chat on here he might come back.

i would like to update to the new BanIP but it uses nft and i have broken the install more than a few times trying to get nft and banip working. (i have asked about nft before but it didnt help)

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is the wifi working?

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i am not using the Wifi and have not had a great deal of joy with configing that either,i have been useing 2 routers as access points instead. do you think it could be related to the wifi not being up and running ?and not being able to get banip and nft working

The community member who developed this specific build (and originated this thread) left the forums a while back. I am not privy to the details of why (and I'm not sure the other leaders even had a complete story). It is not expected that they will return here (although we would be very happy to welcome them back).

I can't speak to the community builds for the Pi4. But with the standard OpenWrt builds, the Pi's wifi is functional, but terrible. It's not worth using in the vast majority of cases, except maybe in a travel router context. This is due to the very low end wifi chipset which has many limitations (not specific to OpenWrt), and the performance is extremely poor. Even very old purpose built APs or all-in-one wifi routers will outperform the Pi's wifi.


The only way i have managed to get workable wifi with a RPI 4b is to use a Alfa AWUS036ACH Dual Band USB Adaptor AC1200 and that is on debian buster. not sure you could get it working on openwrt you need to load custom drivers in debian

error when I try to access my router using browser.

/usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:431: /etc/config/luci seems to be corrupt, unable to find section 'main'

The error message is likely to be spot on, did you check the file?

reboot fixed it.