RPi 3 + Ralink RT5370 USB wifi adapter [SOLVED]

OWRT 19.07.6
RPi 3
Ralink RT5370 USB Wifi adapter

OpenWRT is using the RPi's built in wifi for the WAN. I need to use the Ralink USB adapter instead.

I see the Ralink in dmesg but, there's no lsusb or lshw to see where it is for the "option path" entry.

I can't find it in /proc either.

How do you get OpenWRT to see the adapter and load it as wlan1?

Driver must be installed, I think it is kmod-rt2800-usb plus likely some dependencies.

Once installed, reboot and /etc/config/wireless will be modified with a radio1 and proper hwpath. The adapter needs to always be plugged into the same USB port.

I'm so used to having the drivers installed, I forgot about them... Loaded them and they load at boot:
"mac80211 442368 2 rt2x00usb,rt2x00lib"

...but /etc/config/wireless wasn't updated and I still can't find the hwpath....

How do you find the hwpath?

UPDATE: One driver failed to load and I didn't catch it. Rebooted, reloaded that driver and now I have radio1 in /etc/config/wireless.

For anyone else with this heartache, the drivers you need are:

mac80211, cfg80211, crc_ccitt (all installed by default)
kmod-rt2800-lib kmod-rt2800-usb kmod-rt2x00-lib kmod-rt2x00-usb (install manually)

"opkg install kmod-rt2800-lib kmod-rt2800-usb kmod-rt2x00-lib kmod-rt2x00-usb"

To get lsusb to work, install the usutils package
"opkg install usbutils"

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