Revert OpenWrt to stock on WA855RE v1 EU

I installed OpenWrt and discovered that it is terrible on this device and it does not save settings on reboot and I would like to revert it back to its stock firmware. I've read topics on this forum suggesting that the firmware must be stripped, but I am not really sure how to go about it without screwing up the firmware. Anyone willing to tell me how to revert it and/or send me a premade stripped image?

Unfortunately, this device does not have enough flash memory to work with current OpenWrt releases. Can you please link those relevant forum posts?

Please keep in mind that the second thread you linked talked about the TL-WA850RE which is not compatible to your TL-WA855RE. And the other thread, covering the 855RE, doesn't have a solution. And the Wiki article, again, does not cover your TL-WA855RE.

From what I could gather from the Git commit adding support, this is a tplink-safeloader device. Hence, the section Back to Stock v2/v3 from the RE200 (or similar devices) apply:

You will not need a stripped firmware - this will brick your device. However, you need a converted firmware to the tplink-safeloader format and then run sysupgrade from within OpenWrt. Please keep in mind that this might brick your device, since there is, according to the commit message, no recovery mode present. You are doing this on your own risk.

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It worked, thank you.

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