Revert back from OpenWrt to factory firmware TP-link WA855RE

Hi, i installed OpenWrt on a TP-Link wifi repeater TL-WA855RE

Please there a way to revert back to the factory firmware? I already tryed to upload the bin form tp-link from the offecial web but it's doesn't work for me, so there is any bin file that i can use to install the tp-link original firmware ?

Did you try TFTP recovery? (I don't know if range extender have them, but for TP-Link routers, TFTP recovery is utilized.

unfortunately there is no tftp request from the repeater after the reset

For my Archer C7 router, to get to TFTP recovery mode, I need to press and hold the reset button while turning on the router, and release it only after the WPS led flashes. I trust you did that? Or is it different for your device?

It's a bit different, I tried to reset and sniff packets to check if there is any tftp request, but nothing, I guess I have just to find or generate a striped tplink firmware, or to generate a smaller openwrt that I can use.

Downloaded stock firmware need to be stripped.
but your model isn't in the list.

Yes i aleready cheked, can i use an other model ?
The TL-WA854RE instead of WA855RE ?

I don't know.

How we can generate a striped firmware from the original?

I would ask the author.

Read section Back to stock firmware:

No, that may very well brick your device.

Try to search how to get to TFTP recovery (if it's supported), and it's a safer method.

I would recommend you be patient ad don't rush into something risky until you exhaust all other options.

Thanks Muhammad, I will keep searching for another solution, but obviously there are no tftp on this device

Willy it will be great to obtain a striped version of the firmware, I looked around and I am not the only one in this case

Good luck.

In all cases, don't use an image that's intended for a different device. Stripping the stock image for your device would be the safer; just make sure you do it right.

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Too easy, I think. Cut with an hex editor from the begining till you see:
In ascii
....TP-LINK Technologies....ver. 1.0............
In hex
01 00 00 00 54 50 2D 4C 49 4E 4B 20 54 65 63 68 6E 6F 6C 6F 67 69 65 73 00 00 00 00 76 65 72 2E 20 31 2E 30 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

The binary file must start with "01 00 00 00".
Then follow the instructions:
Note: Please do verify if you have the correct firmware version for your device, flashing the incorrect firmware might break it.
It is also not recommended to flash the router over wireless.

If you are on OpenWrt or other and want to go back to stock firmware, either flash the file stripped trough the web interface or if the web interface is not availlable, transfer the stripped file to the /tmp directory of the router via ssh (e.g. winscp) and issue the following command:
sysupgrade /tmp/stripped.bin via the ssh terminal (e.g. putty)

Unfortunately, I bricked the device!
thanks willy anyway, I learned a lot, I will buy a new one

Never give up. Try TFTP metod.
Note that the bootloader can have a TFTP server or a TFTP client, and that influences how to recover the device. In any case you have to install OpenWrt, not the stock firmware, since the stock firmware already contains the bootloader.

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Does anyone know how to re-install the TP-Link firmware? Is it possible to send a step-by-step guide?