Recent 'master' snapshots losing 5G on EA6350v3

I have been building 'master' snapshots and running them on an EA6350 v3. Last few days the 5GHz radio becomes non-responsive when my daughter opens her laptop and connects to the wireless (it's a macbook air). New clients are not able to connect, old clients lose data transfer. If I restart the radio it's fine for a while. I don't see anything in the logs when this happens. I've switched to using a 19.07 snapshot for the sake of my sanity (as my daughter uses the network for her homework) but wanted to put something out there so that if other people see the same thing they'll know it's not them. Is there a place to file non-specific bugs?


I wonder whether the issue is related to this commit from 17 August 2019 but this is almost 2 months old ?;a=commit;h=8f757d427cce1e675df12fcde24ce78d5cd4651e

Furthermore the BDFs for the:
OpenMesh A42 specific BDFs
OpenMesh A62 specific BDFs
Linksys EA6350v3
have been updated.

Regarding your question about where to post non-specific bugs:

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Hi, Bill
As you might not know, I uploaded both the files deleted in that commit and the files “upstream”, as they say.

So, as I can confirm they are bitwise identical, this may not be the problem but it might be related.

With the work of @anders, we managed to get a combination that works the best. However, some devices have different wireless hardware (the EEPROM to be more specific), that’s why the OEM includes different calibration for different regions.
If I might suggest something, I would like you, @mvh, to give a try to my binary prebuilt. It contains the same script we used with @anders and all the calibration files from the OEM firmware ready to test.
The script is easy to use, and the prebuilt is easy to install (as it have a bunch of preinstalled software).

I went back to 'master' and it seems to be working fine now. I'll continue to use 'master' but will upgrade much less frequently!

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