Custom build for Linksys EA6350v3 (civic)

This is an announcement for a custom build of OpenWrt for the EA6350v3 (civic) device. This device is fully supported (IP40xx bugs with VLAN aside) by OpenWrt thanks to the work of @escalion and mine. I've using and testing OpenWrt in this device (using those custom builds) and now I'm ready to publish it here.

The main reason why it's because it's used and presented in the OpenWrt Wiki as the working alternative for reverting back to stock. You can read a more detailed (but loose) explanation here and for the official, fully detailed explanation here. That is the official documentation for this build as I worked with @bill888 to produce the document.

The releases are public on my GitHub clone. The repository (and the downloadable file, in a series of patches that apply cleanly over the fork point) contains every change to reproduce the build. This way, you can review and apply the patches, and build a new binary yourself.

Before proceeding, be careful about these notes:

  • First of all, read the notes carefully. The notes are show before the actual download link, in a nice format on the GitHub page. A copy of the notes in plain Markdown is provided in the compressed file if you are offline. Always use the latest version available.
  • You can safely test OpenWrt if you flash this build directly from the Linksys firmware. It will require a single click to revert to the OEM firmware this way. If you messed up with flashing and testing firmwares, you can still revert back with a little more effort (explained above).
  • Some settings and habits of OpenWrt have been changed in this build, for example, the habit of ssh-ing as root is gone. Read the notes carefully.
  • A sensible selection of software and presets is provided without too much added or removed.
  • It's highly recommended to perform a factory reset once in a while because of changes of mine or changes in official packages (such as refactoring of the adblock configuration). It's needed to perform a factory reset if sysupgrading from OpenWrt builds.
  • New "releases" every week. Builds are not "stable" as they are custom snapshots, do not use in critical applications.
  • Emergency builds may be uploaded if important bugs are found. Subscribing to the repository is a good idea.

This thread is for questions, suggestions and support about usage. It is not meant for bug reports and issues. They should be discussed in the GitHub Issues page. No issues will be discussed here.

GitHub link for download:
GitHub link for issues:


Great work @NoTengoBattery