Question about home network and WRT

Hi all guys.
Today my whole network is asus ax68U using 100mbps from isp.
Just one wireless network and my pc connected using cable.
I wanted to make 3 changes:

  1. wi-fi on secondfloor (i have connection, but signal is weak, so bough 2xZyxel multy m1)
  2. more secure network (guest network and all smart devices on asus, both zyxel just as our home network
  3. connect home assistant (old on old Futro S920, just a few sensors and IP camera)

So when i wanted to check how to configure those zyxels i read somewhere about WRT and that they are compatible. Wanted just to keep cable from asus to my PC and add guest wifi on it, then use Zyxels for othe laptops and mobile phones.
Is my plan for new network (as on pic) ok? Or should i use only WRT and those 2 zyxels?
Any suggestions welcome...

=> You mean keep ax68U as main router with 2 zyxel accesspoints vs ditch the ax68U and use one zyxel as wifirouter and the other as accesspoint?

In my experience most benefits from OpenWrt emerge on the (wifi)router level - some examples what can be done with OpenWrt that most OEM firmware can't do:

  • advertisement blocking
  • malicious host blocking
  • traffic shaping with SQM
  • network isolation (vlan for IoT, guest and home network)
  • DNS traffic encryption

See also why_use_openwrt and reasons_to_use_openwrt

I can't tell though whether a Zyxel multy m1 has enough power to function as a main router with these additional packages.

You can configure different SSIDs and VLANs and get the same effect without needing separate physical APs for each network. That way you can get proper WiFi coverage everywhere for both guest and home networks while keeping them separate.

It will work. But since ASUS RT-AC68U uses a Broadcom SoC, it won't be a great experience running OpenWrt on it, unless you want to stick to stock firmware. But as @ed8 said, running OpenWrt on the router allows you do to way more with your hardware. Especially if you decide to do the separate SSID/VLAN thing I suggested.

Thank you both guys. Imma try to install WRT on both Zyxel and configure both guest and main net on same machines. Imma keep Asus as a backup, or sell after few months if WRT works fine and maybe buy another "main" router (more powerfull??) and compactible with WRT.

Ok - some Buyer Tips for powerful routers are listed in my post here

OO great, just ordered GL.iNet GL-MT2500A. Now its 100% sure i have a loot to read about config here :slight_smile:

I wasnt posting on any forum for like 12-13 years... so nice that there are still some ppl willing to help. :+1:

Rule 12.

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Mea culpa...seems I made a mistake by mentioning GL.iNet GL-MT2500A in the Buyer tips (OpenWrt support is not finalized yet and it is unknown how long this will take). Furthermore this device only has two ethernet ports, so does require an additional managed switch to connect your other devices.

So I think it is better to cancel your order and take another device into consideration.
I.e. Banana Pi BPI-R3, GL.iNet GL-MT6000 or Dynalink DL-WRX36

Or alternatively opt for a core router (i.e. NanoPi R4S 4Gb) in combination with a managed 8-port switch (ie. Netgear GS308E)

Hope i can live with that, payed extra for express delivery and already have tracking number.
but i read someone is working on solution... so maybe it works using GL.iNet firmware until its ready? Switch isnt problem, i can have 8 port NetGear GS 108E in my network... maybe usefull in a future.
Is it good idea?
ps: updated my draw.

Netgear GS108E supports 802.1Q so that's good.

You can keep an eye on the GL-MT2500A thread for future progression but there is no guarantee when/if this device will become supported.

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But frankly speaking, with only 1 x 2.5G + 1 x 1G port, I don't see how it works better than a 2 x 1G router, not to mention that it could take very long to see the MT2500 to get official support, personally the NanoPi R4S might do better.

U might be right... Concept nr 3 is RS4 and GL-2500 may work as home assistant, and later as a router when/if its supported in the future. I couldn't find GS108E in nice price so i got another 8p switch: GS308T. Same functionality i hope.

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