New GL-iNet hardware GL-MT2500 incoming - I signed up for their marketing email months ago, their "Brume 2" is going up for pre-order tomorrow. Specs look pretty good - no idea what price will be. Thoughts?

Edit: Anyone know how good they've been on following GPL and supporting/contributing back to OpenWRT?

1 Gbps LAN and 2.5 Gbps WAN. I'd call that odd instead of "pretty good".
Considering how warm the Brume can get, I imagine that this one, as small as the Brume and with holes on only one side will be hotter.

Look at their forum. Their software is beta most of the time and never up to date to recent OpenWRT. And I mean beta with lots of bugs.

GL.iNet has just started taking pre-orders for the Brume 2 security gateway starting at $49 for the GL-MT2500 and $59 for the GL-MT2500A. Note those are quantity and time-limited offers, after which the prices will be $69 and $89 respectively.
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Let’s see if there will be a Brume W 2 too

and its wireless counterpart

Is there any sort of timeline on possible OpenWrt support for this device? Is the new SoC a hold-up?

Secondary question, once it is supported, is it likely that one could swap the LAN and WAN ports in OpenWrt (i.e. use the 2.5 Gbps port for LAN and 1 Gbps for WAN)? Or is there a hardware reason this won't work?

Someone who owns the device will need to do the port, if no one does that it won’t get supported.

There are no timelines for adding devices.

If I were willing to donate a device, how would I go about finding a developer that is willing and interested in doing this? I really have no idea how the community works here or who the major device-support contributors are.;a=history;f=target/linux/mediatek/filogic

So based on entries like this:

7 days ago Daniel Golle mediatek: backport pinctrl driver for MT7981 SoC

... work is in progress for this SoC, which is a precursor to any specific device support.

Thank you.