Problem with usb to ethernet adapter

Hello everyone, I recently bought a usb to ethernet adapter (tp link ue300), my nanopi R4s router detects the device but does not give it an ipv4, I have tried both a router and my pc connected by the usb adapter but it does not receive nothing. Install all the kmod I found. I want to use it to connect a router that provides internet access. These are my network settings

. Thank you for your help and sorry for my bad English and my ignorance on the subject. If you need more information I will be waiting to provide it

If it doesn't work in a PC, are you sure it works at all ?

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yes it works on other devices

You just contradicted yourself, or it could be a language barrier issue ,)

Anyway, have you installed the packages required for the ue300 to work in Openwrt ?

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Language barrier probable.
I was trying to say that the usb device works in a pc or a phone. The problem is that when I connect it to the nanopi it doesn't give me internet through that port, neither to a router nor to my pc, however if I connect either of these two to the nanopi through its lan port, it gives internet. I think I have installed even more packages than you need, but none of them solve the problem. Thanks for helping

One of the earlier discussions: Raspberry Pi 4 UE300 usb to ethernet not working


I that case,

Unplug it, then plug it back in on the nano, and post the dmesg snippet.


I don't know if this is what you asked me...

I have install kmod-usb-net-rtl8152 and doesnt work anyway

It is.

The port is configured as a wan port (WAN2), if you connect anything to it, it won't respond, since it expects the other side to be internet.

What's the intended use case ?

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How do I configure it then so that instead of waiting for the internet, from that port the nano pi shares the internet with another router. Thanks again

I'll ask the question differently...

You have 2 ethernet ports... one is built into the Pi, the other is the UE300.
What do each of these ports connect to?

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The nanopi port connects the pc, the UE300 port connects a router

Based on your earlier screenshot, the built-in port (eth0) appears to be connected to the upstream router (it has an address of

Can you double check your wiring? Maybe show a diagram of your topology.

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I just checked and this is everything

The router is called WAN 2 because I have created that interface, otherwise nothing is generated

Is your PC running a DHCP server and acting as a WAN? This would be quite unusual.

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I don't think so because when I disconnect the pc from the nano pi port and put the router on, the nanopi gives the router internet. However, I try to connect the PC through the USB port and it does not give me internet or access to the router's gateway. In any case, today I configured the nanopi router and surely everything is wrong, but as I saw that it was giving me internet, I left it as it was hahaha

Try this... disconnect the PC and then look at the network status page... does the WAN address go away? If not, reconnect that one and then try disconnecting the router.... which one makes the wan address go away?

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I think that I have not understood very well, I disconnect the pc and then I see if the ipv4 address disappears. But if I disconnect the PC, to enter the router I will have to connect the router, and this is what happens

that is a photo from my mobile that is connected to the tplink router, which in turn is connected through the integrated port of the Nanopi

This means that the PC is not connected to eth0 as you had asserted before.

Do the same thing, but now disconnect the upstream router.

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