Problem with connect TP-Link W8970 By Serial Cable!

not get any information and It does not recognize the compression of the keyboard

Power cycle ( off then on ) it and quickly type "tpl", "tpl", "tpl" ( keep typing tpl )

Try that 10 times..... it can take a while to get the timing right.

Otherwise check your pin connections with a multimeter....

Otherwise turn off flow control etc.

They are a bit fussy....

this happen after me install openwrt take long time and not install

oh, i see... title change to "bricked"...

web search for how to recover stock for that model. and see if you can initiate tftp download again..... ( using OEM firmware )....

otherwise it's bricked ( which is what it looks like to me from here ) ....... maybe?

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after this
sf write 0x81000000 0x20000 0x$(filesize)
i write the filesize not correct make this
this problem in uboot ?
need install U-Boot ?
only write
ROM VER: 1.1.4 CFG 05
ROM VER: 1.1.4 CFG 05
ROM VER: 1.1.4 CFG 05
ROM VER: 1.1.4 CFG 05
for long time

Dude, if you really want to recover that thing....

It wont be easy......

But I will suggest one method that worked for me when I was in a similar situation a few months ago.

Remove the flash chip. Use a programmer from your pc to flash it ( web search for "flashrom router firmware" or similar ). Put it back on the board.

Yes you have killed u-boot-- this is known as a "hard brick". I believe the Lantiq has a UART ROM recovery mode though, it is either that or access the flash chip directly as @anon50098793 said.

i go to change the router openwrt 18.06.1 very bad unstable more and more problem original firmware is stable
has reconnect problem with ppoe
try install openwrt 17.01.6 from the web browser
cant install cant down from 18.06.1 to 17.01.6
try install development firmware upload by
the router install more and more time hangup type please wait for 10 minutes.
i make manual restart the router web not open again
try reset filesafe not work some file not found
try install 18.06.1 by serial cable usb ttl the router is not install the firmware get ( ......... ) big time 7 minutes and not finish install
after used sf write 0x81000000 0x20000 0x$(filesize) take big time and not install
Conclusion With my experience with this system ( openwrt )

  • not stable very bad
  • not easy to install
  • always make big problem some time when try install new Firmware
    ( Now I need a programmer Flash IC Their price 1600 Egypt Pound to reprogrammer the router the new router TP-Link VR 600 is 1850 EGP the Linksys x6200 1950 EGP )
    i go to get new router and not try install this firmware again.
    Tp-link w8970 openwrt 18.06.1 reconnecting problem

need programmer Flash IC ???????

To unbrick the device without a flash programmer, you need to connect a location on the board to ground temporarily, see the TD-W8970 wiki page.

This is the general procedure:

  1. Connect serial (Tx, Rx, GND) and run your terminal program.
  2. Make the temporary ground connection as described on the wiki, and power up the device.
  3. When you see the CFG 04 prompt, supply the u-boot.asc image via serial. This U-Boot runs from RAM and is not written to flash.
  4. Write a vendor U-Boot image to flash. It should be possible to extract a suitable image from the original vendor firmware, see the image format. Don't use u-boot.asc here.
  5. Write a firmware image to flash (OpenWrt 18.06.1 or newer).
  6. Remove the temporary ground connection.
  7. Power-cycle the device to reboot.

I don't own a TD-W8970, but used a similar procedure on the BT HomeHub 5a, which has the same Lantiq chipset.

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i see only ROM VER: 1.1.4 CFG 05
when press ( T ) via serial cable usb ttl not make any think .
ROM VER: 1.1.4
CFG 05
ROM VER: 1.1.4
CFG 05
ROM VER: 1.1.4
CFG 05
ROM VER: 1.1.4
CFG 05
ROM VER: 1.1.4
CFG 05
etc no any method to write any think into console with serial cable usb ttl !

the problem in ( Bootload )
Bootloader corrupt

Yes, you need to UART recover to reflash u-boot. Then boot into u-boot and flash a firmware.

The wiki page has some information, though not a step by step procedure for beginners, because this is not something for beginners.

how me flash a firmware the u-boot not load and not support press ( T ) to add the common how to install ???????

i think i need now
u-boot + programmer flash
how to find u-boot for tp-link w8970 ?
u-boot for 16 MB Flash
the 8 MB Flash has Damage i think this can`t run because has problem when install Firmware

I took some complete chip dump (raspberry pi + flashrom) while ago (on my TP-W8970 v1.2) if you want I can "pack" you a dump with the default openwrt image copy-pasted on the correct offsets... (at least that's what I did the frist time to install openwrt)


Modding is just that. When you perform any non OEM advised action on hardware.... you implicitly ( by default ) agree that what you are doing carries risks. And from that point on it is up to you to research and assess those risks and accept responsibility for ALL outcomes therein.

That said.... official instructions that become out of date / no longer relevant can be problematic and it's something you should factor in.... but cannot be totally prepared for. Of note, much of what breaks previously working methods are deliberate and undertaken by the manufacturer of the device...... and not a community that works very hard to develop and help toward what, in most cases, is a solution that is far superior to what an OEM provides.

I can see by your determination and effort. You are an enthusiastic and talented modder. When the frustration sets in, take a break and be thankful for the skills your learning...... People pay to have routers recovered.... you now have skills with that.

I'm impressed at your resilience..... so give some love back and be thankful for the help people have provided you with here...... which at the end of the day...... is for the most part, done to help YOU......

modding = overcoming

( i used a custom arduino bootloader with flashrom for my programmer...... more struggle :frowning: more knowledge :slight_smile: )

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how to extract u-boot.asc from original vendor firmware ??
i download from
TD-W8970/8980/9980 UART u-boot image v1.1

Use tplink uboot;

Usually one of ( sorry I only use linux so get virtualbox and whack a distro on it or you'll need to web search other means of using those tools on your platform );

fmk ( github firmware mod kit )

will be able to do this........ if you can't acquire one by another means.....