Problem with connect TP-Link W8970 By Serial Cable!


i try connect UART Boot by
Temporarily connect the left side of R225 to GND, to get into UART mode.
the lantiq xway VRX208 make smoke !
i think my router is damage :frowning:
thank you to all
iam now Throw them in the trash !!
the openwrt is not good Not tested well install and remove from team
How do i install the new firmware by router pages take long time
Then I can not access the device settings page
try filesafe mode not make any change
try manual ip not make any change
try install by Serial cable take long time and not install


This is not what I suggested. Please note that my guide uses two distinct U-Boot images:

u-boot.asc can be downloaded from the wiki.

This U-Boot is extracted from a vendor firmware image.


sorry to hear that my friend. and thanks for the update. believe it or not you have helped others to learn about modding 101.

may the force be with you.


what this modding 101 ???


figure of speech


see this Wikipedia article