Precompiled proprietary wifi drivers of mediatek chips for lede

This project is experimental, just another choice if you are unhappy about current state of mt76. I think it may be helpful for someone.

7620 and 7628 are already uploaed, 7610, 7612, 7603, 7615 will come later. Feel free to feedback on github, suggestions, bug report, etc.

But I have to say this again, it's experimental, which is to say, there's no stable schedule and technical support will be limited. yeah, i know, sad.


Sorry nossiac but I must say I'm a noob and have no idea how to "compile" or build these feeds into a bin firmware for openwrt. I'm not even sure I explain it right.

Any tutorials online that I can follow to get this driver into my WR841N?

I actually been testing my WR841N v13 and I did feel instability. Such as Internet browsing would stop and need to turn off/on the WiFi on my phone and sometimes need to do the same on the router itself. This happened intermittently. Happens even when one device is connected or more than 3 .

i know absolutely nothing about programming but i have an 841n v13 and if there is something i can do as far as flashing and testing firmware i will help. i mainly just wanted to ask if this compiled version is legit. if its old all i care about is will it run cake and pice of cake qos.

its from some russian people i guess? says they used the propriatery drivers. its an older version but i dont care. the download size was just under 4 mb and this is an 8bm flash router. does that sound right?

Hello @bobhumplick

You can use these drivers without problems, don´t worry.
Wich Openwrt version are you using?
Take a look on this thread:

I compiled a firmware using latest drivers changes made by @ndb168.
It is much more stable than 18.06.1 .