TL-WR841N v13 WiFi not stable?

It is stated here, that the WiFi is not stable for v13.

Could someone elaborate further? Did anyone experience it first hand? What is the instability like?

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I think the Wiki is not updated yet. However I don’t have this router, but other devices using the MT7628AN SoC I own have no stability problems anymore. It’s true that the open source MT76 had some problems before, but as far as I can tell these problems have been fixed.

If this model specifically still has some problems you can always use the proprietary driver that is available in another thread as an intermediate fix until the MT76 is fully stable for your device.

Maybe @JamesT42 (the user who has added the comment about unstable wifi) can shed some light on the current status?

Sidenote @tjthomas101: You were linking to the old wiki that does not receive any updates any more. Corresponding page in the new wiki (which shows the same as old wiki, but new wiki can be updated)

Where can I find the proprietary driver? I searched "TL-WR841N driver" on this forum but couldn't find any.

But I would try the open source MT76 first. Please report Any instability you found so the driver can be improved.

My 841n v13 work perfectly with a snapshot (05/05/2018). You can try the 18.06-rc1 image for a test. The wiki is old

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And it will stay like this unless someone updates it.
The wiki can only be as good as the input the users are delivering.

@mh3g where can I find the snapshot? Any link? I'm still sooo new into all this.

oh wait, is it this one,

@mh3g but i can't find the v13 on
only v12 is available.


If you will flash for the first time, you will have to use TFTP...

Flash instruction:

Until (if at all) TP-Link fixes described problem, the only way to flash
LEDE image in these devices is to use tftp recovery mode in U-Boot:

Configure PC with static IP and tftp server.
Rename "lede-ramips-mt7628-tl-wr84...-squashfs-tftp-recovery.bin"
to "tp_recovery.bin" and place it in tftp server directory.
Connect PC with one of LAN ports, press the reset button, power up
the router and keep button pressed for around 6-7 seconds, until
device starts downloading the file.
Router will download file from server, write it to flash and reboot.

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thank u soooo much!

WiFi was alright when I was configuring it. The only problem I had is installing Luci but I succeeded.

Guys, question, if i flash a release candidate 18.06.0-rc1, so its not "snaphot". Will be LuCi instaled here? I dont have much experiences with openwrt, just with precompiled lede releases with luci+adblock+ipv6 and more moduls installed.

Yes. Only snapshots do not contain LuCI.

Thank you for answer. Anyone have experience with 18.06.0-rc1 and WR841v13 ? Is everything working fine and quite stable ?

I will try it today. I had a couple of problems with my setup. During its configuration as a wifi repeater the wifi would not be activated if the client wifi was set to auto. I had to choose a specific frequency. Besides that the wifi repeat would sometimes stop working after a few hours (the lan ports could see the "parent" wifi network) and sometimes the TL-WR841N would stop working all together. In case of a memory leackage i used cron jobs to reboot the device every 12 hours with no luck.

I dont remember which openwrt version i used. I will check it out later today and post.

Try this snapshot (08/05/2018). Remember: snapshot without luci. Installable. In my v13 works as repeater. It works.

I installed 18.06.0-rc1 and my TL has the same behaviour!!!

My experience is this - intermittent problem where after I woke up and try to browser a website using Chrome on my phone, i get a long "loading...." which ends with Site not found. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't