TL-WR841N v13 WiFi not stable?

do propietary drivers work with this router? i have a link where some russian person built a firmware (im sure its old by now) with the propietary drivers. i know you would have to stick with the same kernal but as long as cake and pice of cake qos work i dont care. a lot of other people wouldnt care. heres the link. but its a less than 4mb file size and this is a 8mb router. is this legit?

will it run piece of cake? i will flash it later when i can (its in service at the moment.... kind of). but if anybody knows anyway to get piece of cake qos going on this router with the wifi working (sorry i left that part out) i would love to hear it. i thought of using it as an ethernet only router with a wifi acces point but that would make the access point the bottleneck at that point and qos would mean nothing right?

i am not a programmer but i will help however i can.

note to anyone who is having connection problems i have had luck with this by setting the max range at 2000 meters. it works right now at over 70 meters and through 2 or 3 walls. but i am using as a repeater now bcasue the wifi would drop. the people using it are content to just unplug it and reset once a day. i used the latest version from the website i think

anybody trying to flash their version of this back to factory you have to have a stripped firmware and the EU stripped version wont work. if anybody has one for the US version i would love to have it. i can find you the EU version but i cant find US. i flashed using tftp to openwrt and now i caant go back

Last build from 26/11. Same problem after some time cannot connect to wifi. Exist clients still connected, but don't works anythings. After reboot router works, it not good.

@ndb168 released a new driver today.
It haves a lot of improvements. I´m compiling now, will share when it´s done.


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It sounds a little wrong, but waiting for your results on the wifi driver :smiley:

Hello @LuzuGames.

I don't understood your comment.
Take a look on GitHub.

My build is done.
I will share when i get at home.

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@nw2619 , @twinkleLED

New build uploaded now.
I'm testing for 12 hours, no crashes. Speed was also improved from latest version.



I just flashed a few hours ago on my 840v4 tplink, stable at the moment with 3 devices, there are no disconnections and the speed for good wifi, the firmware of Julian has added as Adblock, SQM, UPnP.
It behaves very well, although I feel that the configuration by Luci Web is a little slow, I should deactivate some services that I do not use.
Otherwise I am not witnessing the wifi problems that were presented months before.
Thanks for compiling the Julianos firmware. I'm sorry for the English, I use the google translator.


A driver update was released yesterday.
I updated the builds... Same link.


Thanks for your build @julianocs! I'm glad you share it with us. I will test it. Would you be so kind and share with us how you made your build? I'd like to build myself without GUI and things, just bare openwrt, it saves a lot of flash space if it's not compiled for things that I need.

@bobhumplick yes, the firmware is legit and stable, actually the only I know which works fine. Slight donwside is, that it is KRACK vulnerable.

edit: Thank you for effort, @julianocs, I tested your fw and and there is still packet loss in the other room when I test with flood ping. I cannot compare with openwrt driver, because I have not used it long time. So I reverted back to that old firmware of that russian guy raxp, which is stable, no packet loss, about the same as original. Wish I could build new firmware with his binary driver.

Hello @nozombian.

mt76 wireless open-source driver wasn´t developed by me.
@nbd168 (Felix Fietkau) is the man that developed the driver from scratch and is still working on that (i´m grateful for this). He has been working hard to improve the driver. Whenever there is an update, I will share it.


Hi @julianocs, don't get me wrong, I'm also grateful for any progress that is made on this device. I cannot imagine how hard can that be for the guy who is making new driver. I just tested it and shared my testing result. I can only blame mediatek for their licensing policy, nearly as bad as broadcom. Why oh whay they cannot release source for stable driver?

These routers were great for the price, I bought them maybe hundred over time, luckily I have supply for used V12 and below with atheros chip and also many wr1043nd which are even better, so whenever I need new openwrt device, I'm buyng used for half price of the new unit. I don't mind it, because they are immortal. Only downside of wr841n is 4MB flash, which is quite limiting, but still enough for my use (mainly ssh tunneling and wake on lan).

Hi @nozombian .

I didn´t get you wrong, don´t worry.
I understand your thoughts and agree. Mediatek is the responsable for what is happenning.
The capability of mt76 is amazing, but without a good driver, it sucks.

Let´s wait for the next releases of Felix. He is doing a lot improvements in the driver last months.


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Hi, currently i have installed 18.06.1 (stable) on my TL-WR841N v13, can i upgrade using luci to your snapshot without any problems?

Hello @oot12.

Yes, you can upgrade to my firmware using Luci !


@julianocs, has your firmware been tested with a multi-SSID interface/WISP?

When I attempt to create two SSIDs, it doesn't broadcast any.

Thanks for your reply, I've set my router as repeater and Im testing now stability of this snapshot.


No, i didn´t test this.


The main developer of mt76 opensource driver ( @ndb168 ) made some more fixes in the driver since i built this firmware, but he didn´t commit to Openwrt Master branch yet (i don´t know why). When he does, i will compile a new version and share.


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Ok, thank you, I will wait for next builds :grinning:

if you can get a 17 dollar router to perform better than a 60 dollar router then you wont sell many of those 60 dollar routers i supposed. they hate 3rd party firmwares even when they steal them and release them as their own. the thing i am wondering is if the russian guys firmware (the one that uses the binary blob that he ripped from another router) will work with cake and piece of cake sqm. if the mediatek drivers dont work with sqm and traffic shaping then its not much use to me. have you used it? does it work properly?