Partition size has changed

Version 22.03.2 is recommended here:

but not mentioned here

so maybe it's not released yet, and this is intentional or a known issue, but just in case it's not, the

Kernel partition size has changed from earlier versions

error was issued on the 22.02 to 22.03.0 upgrade and the 22.03.0 to 22.03.2 upgrade.

This is inconvenient because each device must be upgraded in person so, I'm hoping this is a false positive and the partition size is not going to change with every upgrade.

You missed to mention your device. You are facing a device specific problem.
according to your other post in the 22.03.2 release thread, you are referring to a ea8500.


Yes ea8500. Maybe it's an issue for all ipq806x targets IDK.

Ah the bug is that the check uses a file overwritten by restore;

Mine looked like this:

cat /etc/config/system 

config system
	option hostname 'OpenWrt'
	option timezone 'UTC'
	option ttylogin '0'
	option log_size '64'
	option urandom_seed '0'

config timeserver 'ntp'
	option enabled '1'
	option enable_server '0'
	list server ''
	list server ''
	list server ''
	list server ''

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