Openwrt tplink c7 v5 lan & wifi speed slow

if i enable software and hardware offloading, i get around 300mbps speed suddenly (full ISP speed)

after 5 minutes with both software and hardware offloading, speed falls to 250 mbps
wifi gets only around 100mbps speed even in 5ghz wifi

i saw many other faced this issue years before, but none of their solution worked.

i also checked bufferfloat test and I got only B with openwrt

if I connect directly to LAN on my ISP modem, I get 300mbps consistently.

what to do?

The archer c7 doesn't have hardware flow-offloading. Offloading of any kind isn't a golden ticket, it always comes repercussions (as in other features not working, e.g. sqm or traffic accounting) and adds its own quirks and bugs to the table. Only the 'easy' traffic patterns can be offloaded, anything more complex still has to be handled by the not-fast-enough SOC - it's a bandaid, not a solution and shouldn't be taken for granted.

i have disabled hardware offloading & enabled only software offloading

now speed still reaches 250 mbps constant

how to get maximum speed? i need to get that missing 50 mbps speed alloted by isp (300 mbps)

Wired will always be faster than wireless.

Use a WiFi analyzer app.

It can show you who is using what channels in your area, your signal strength, and your signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).

i get around 100mbps on wifi and 250mbps on lan

i need lan speed to be 300 mbps which is the isp speed I get without using openwrt

What is your "advertised" (what you're paying for) speed?

TP-Link stock firmware uses hardware NAT, so you would notice a difference.

Currently, only mt7621 devices support it on OpenWrt.

I use a C7 V2, which is close to your V5.

The CPU's on those devices will give you about 150 - 200 Mbps on the top end, so you're actually getting better than that.

When I move up to the next ISP speed tier, I'll be "retiring" the C7.

If you want more out of your connection, you'll need a new router.

I am paying for 300mbps speed
how do tplink original firmware gives full speed to me 300mbps+ while openwrt firmware only 250mbps

which router gets full speed on LAN with openwrt?

As I mentioned, the stock firmware is using hardware NAT.

However, hardware NAT is not supported on the C7 in OpenWrt.

MT7621 devices are the only ones that currently are supported.