OpenWrt support for TL-WR841HP V5?

look on the openwrt page if there was support for this router and i found nothing

but looking I found a router with the same processor and if it has openwrt

Please see for how to add support or a new device.

I have this model, the tl-wr841hp v5, which I recently acquired more detailed information:

but the problem is that there is no support for OpenWrt, well, it is not in the openwrt table, but when browsing the openwrt website I found several models with the same processor and small features

First, it is the CPU, mine is 575 mhz but in other routers it is 580 mhz

second is storage on some models. I have found that the speed is the same as that of my router, but the storage is 32MB and 64MB RAM.

well finally i would like to know how to modify those parameters or someone could compile one since i am new to this openwrt

Well I am new to the community, I recently acquired this router the tl-wr841hp-v5 that I bought from eBay, I was so looking forward to trying openwrt, but I was surprised that it is not supported and I do not want to think that it is a bad buy. so my question is if they will support it one day. because I see that it brings a very cheerful hardware that apparently brings:

Soc : MT7628N (575 MHz)
FLA1: 8 MiB (GigaDevice GD25Q64B)
Ram : 64 MiB (Winbond W9751G6KB-25)

I would be grateful if you gave it support since I see that it is a very common hardware

Based on the hardware, the device in question should be supportable. However support for a new device can only be done by someone with the device on the desk, opened up and serial console connected. From a hardware point of view, the device in question is not very interesting. 2.4 GHz WLAN using the rt2x00 driver (this combination isn't very reliable) and just meeting minimum system specifications in terms of flash/ RAM, so I doubt many potential porters will share your enthusiasm. This doesn't mean it can't or won't be supported, but you'll either have to wait for someone else motivated enough to spend somewhere between a long rainy weekend and several weeks stumbling over the device in question - or do the necessary porting work yourself and submit the necessary patches to OpenWrt.


A doubt seeing that there are several models with the same hardware as mine, can I choose one and modify the firmware to support my router?


Already supported devices with similar specifications will make porting easier, but it still needs to be done. Routers are embedded devices, usually with quite some quirks and peculiarities, and little standard adherence (so those exist in the first place), so each device needs its very own bespoke firmware image - there are no generic images.

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And how can I support my router? Is there a basic or simple guide?

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Can you put a serial on the device? Print the original bootlog here, so we can try to organize a dts file for that....

TL-WR841N v13 works on this device but cannot do system upgrade.

Do all features work including WiFi 2.4G and VLAN Tagging ?