OpenWrt Support for Banana Pi BPI-R3

Ok. We all Know we already have a Snapshot image. But this topic is for ask adding Banana Pi BPI-R3 on next openwrt official release.

As well we discuss Drivers, instalation, troubleshooting and other userful info.

Key Features

. MediaTek MT7986(Filogic 830) Quad core ARM Cortex A53+MT7531 chip design
. Wifi 6 4x4 2.4G Wifi(MT7975N) +4x4 5G Wifi(MT7975P)
. 8G eMMC flash
. 2 SFP 2.5GbE
. 5 GbE network port
. POE support (optional)
. Mini PCIe via USB
. M.2 KEY-E PCIe inerface
. Mciro SD card interfact

Openwrt Custom rom by SINOVOIP:

Latest Snapshot version:

Useful Links:

if it's already in snapshot, it should be in the next stable.

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It's on snapshot since 22
But it don't get a official release.
22.03.3 released this week and it is not on the release.

that's not the next stable, it's the current stable.
see the difference ?

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