Banana PI R3 wlan0

If I type ifconfig on the BPi R3 there is a wlan0 interface listed, but it doesn't show up in Luci. I would like to be able to see this interface in Luci so I can use it for ssid per lan, at least I hope I can.

what kind of hw is wlan0 ?

Good question. I don't know, but I assume it's a wireless interface. Maybe there is no hardware associated with wlan0?

maybe ?

lspci would at least give you some info, but you'll need to install the pciutils package..

Okay I will work on that after work. I need to get it connected to the Internet. Thank you for your help, so far. I am excited about working on this but I need to go to work . . .

If this is a new device, you are probably not using regular OpenWrt and instead using Banana's heavily altered (old) version. You will be better to flash it to the latest release first. You may also get better support on the BPi forum -

not that new, it's already available in stable

Doesn't matter, and by new, I mean just bought, hence why I suggested to flash it to the latest release. Banana may still ship it with their version.

Just flashed my bpi r3 with the latest stable version, and I'm having the same issue... Can't find wlan0 nowhere on luci

openwrt image comes with wifi drivers, does your radio hw match those drivers ?

I think so, I downloaded from firmware selector (after selecting my board) with some extra packages (nano and mwan3)...

I downloaded again the image (vanilla, from the openwrt wiki page for the board), and I'm gonna try to re-flash it, just as a sanity check.

the images should be the same, and that's not the answer to the question you were asked ...

If openwrt ships with wifi drivers, the image for a given board that has onboard radio hw should have the drivers for that board right? :sweat_smile:

That's why I answered explaining where I downloaded the image and the parameters that I used to get the image.
I thought that maybe adding some packages on firmware selector could cause an issue of excluding something that would usually come standard with the img, like the wifi drivers.

my bad, I was under the impression the radio was removable/not soldered on the PCB, I was wrong. sorry.

in that case, start by doing a lspci.

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For context, I just reseted all default configs, and reflashed with vanila 23.05.2, I'm accessing this terminal using the serial debug ports.

cmd not found =/

Interesting thing is that there is not even a /config/wireless

lspci is an addon application, you need the pciutils package.

Got it, I've installed pciutils, the cmd now works, but no result after running it.

also, thanks for helping xD
My strategy was to reflash different versions until something worked xD

I was reading other threads about this, and found this post that says this...

As previously said, I was accessing the board using the serial debug ports...
So I disconnected the jumpers from the debug port, flipped the DIP switches to boot from SD, and voylá, wireless detected!

Classic AliExpress giveth, and AliExpress taketh away xD

Hell knows how I'm gonna burn this to NAND and EMMC without serial, but hey, now at least I know that it's not an issue with the board itself or with the image =D

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