OpenWrt support for Asus RT-AX59U

Hello, I just bought this hardware to install openwrt, but by reqding this forum I get the idea the it was not a good purchase, since this the first time I will be isnrall openwrt. Should I return the router ans buy something else instead? Or is there any progress with the installation in this device? Thabk you

it was

why ?

what kind of progress are you looking for ?

Right now the router is shipping from the seller, i do jot hqve it yet. I have no experience with openwrt whatsoever and by reading rhisbthread I get the feeling that there are issues with this router that make the inatallation difficult, so I worey this was a bad purchase for an inexperienced person, since it is not very explored yet and the isntalattion will not ne straight forward for first time user. Thank you

Don't believe what is written.
I made the OpenWRT installation much easier for people like you!
Look this: Asus TUF AX4200 support - #241 by remittor

Do it by analogy and don't worry. It's very simple.

then start by booting openwrt on your PC, from a flash drive, to get a headstart.

only if you don't follow the instructions.

Thank you I will follow when the router arrives and report back my experience.

Ok thank you I will try

After re-reading this branch it has got clear:

BusyBox v1.36.1 (2024-03-22 22:09:42 UTC) built-in shell (ash)

OpenWrt 23.05.3, r23809-234f1a2efa


Thx remittor for openwrt-23_rt-ax59u-initramfs.trx
96m free space

Hope you didn't flash this, that's not what it's for.

Exactly this. Could you explain?

Installation guide is linked to from this thread, did you follow it ?

Yes, as per TUF AX4200 but with trx for RT-AX59U

Then how does OpenWrt support for Asus RT-AX59U - #41 by remittor add up ?

"You must use TRX-image for AX59U router!" that was my mistake, and with openwrt-23_rt-ax59u-initramfs.trx it did work

so you didn't follow the installation guide, after all ?


Actually, I didn't follow the guide at the beginning as it is no guide so far, then put questions here. After re-reading the branch now writing over RT-AX59U with OWRT. So, what I did wrong?

the git commit is as much guide as you can expect.

I mean on OWRT device page still generic guides only. Anyway, as "simple installation" exists why not to do it.
But did I do something wrong?

it probably contains the template, and nothing else.

it won't get simpler than in the git commit.

no idea, since i don't know what you did, and did not do.

So why this?