OpenWrt support for Asus RT-AX59U

Dear developers,

Could you please consider adding OpenWRT support for Asus RT-AX59U ? Its hardware looks very similar to that of Xiaomi Redmi AX6000

The CPU of both is MediaTek MT7986A (Filogic 830 platform)

Unlike Xiaomi Redmi AX6000, Asus RT-AX59U has 2 USB ports. Xiaomi Redmi AX6000 has 4x4 5 GHz MIMO, while Asus RT-AX59u has 3x3 5 GHz MIMO.

Thank you.

there's no such wish list.
you own the device, you'll be adding it.

start by getting serial console access.

I don’t have it yet. Thank you for the nice message :slight_smile:

if openwrt is a must for you, don't buy it.

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That is the harsh reality.

If you can't add the device support yourself, you should not open a topic for it.


Btw, It would be nice to add a page in the Wiki for it. Also with a tear down manual, as the installation requires serial access. :confused:

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At least serial there seem to be pins though. That's a lot nowadays.

Pre-populated pins are +1 but I wouldn't buy a € 130 router to void the warranty on the fist boot because I had to open the case to install OpenWrt. :confused:

So another +1 for Dynalink DL-WRX36: not just populated serial, but easy teardown and no warranty seals! :pray:
I hope Asus do the same too!

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