Asus RT-AX59U Teardown

Would anyone with an Asus RT-AX59U be willing to share a teardown with a few pictures, perhaps with a few basic instructions?
I'm planning on buying this router specifically and I'm currently just gathering information on it before I finally go for it.

@Borromini mentioned that there are pins for serial access for example.

If and where there are warranty stickers would also be nice to know.

Also, if anyone has some pictures, I'm sure everyone would appreciate it if they could be added to the wiki as well. ?

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I appreciate you trying to help. Checking out the FCC application of the manufacturer really is a good way to get a look at the internals. However, it seems that all of these documents submitted by the manufacturer show only the AX4200, amongst several hundreds of pages of test reports unrelated to my questions.

On the dataentry page for this router, the same link is listed as the one you posted, and when searching for the FCC-ID of the AX59U, it seems that it shares the same with the AX4200. I assume this could be because it shares the same hardware to some degree, but I wasn't able to find what those similarities and differences are. Do let me know if you manage to find a separate submission for the AX59U.

Even if those documents linked did include the AX59U, it wouldn't answer any of my other questions. There are no teardown instructions in those documents, pictures are mostly kept to a minimum, possible warranty stickers aren't shown, and I'm also pretty sure using these pictures to populate the openwrt wiki isn't allowed.

So again, I'd be happy if anyone who owns that router would be willing to share some pictures - even just pictures of the outside of the router with its screws and possible warranty stickers would be much appreciated!

That's why I only quoted the part I though I could answer.

I tore down my RT-AX59U today while taking pictures and have uploaded them to the router's wiki page here