OpenWrt support for Asus RT-AX59U

It's a bridge head, you boot it, then write the actual image running it.

It's all in the git commit.

Are you talking about this commit (instruction)?

Tear down instructions for this device now available on the wiki.

Is anyone experiencing instability on 23.05.3? Perhaps it's just wireless that stopped working, I haven't checked...

Seems to happen every day or two...

What performance do you get with AX59U?
I'm thinking about SQM at 300-500 fiber line. My provider offers 300/150 or 500/250, pppoe over VLAN. Faster only 2/1 Gig speed and I don't need that.
This model should have the same CPU as AX4200/AX6000 so the performance should be the same I guess?
Searching the forum there are all kind of experiences on all 3 models, from SQM/cake from 300 to up to 800, all the way to 1 gig (which I'm a little sceptical of...).
I need only wired router, this Asus does not have external antennas and can be wall mounted which would be just fine. And I can reuse it later as an AP which is a bonus.
I't currently sold for 61€ in my country, not bad price I think.
Older MTK SOCs where really good supported, I have one MT7621 routing 1000/500 line (pppoe, vlan), no sqm, hw accelerated with like 2% CPU usage. I don't care about SQM on that line.
I know that SQM/cake is single threaded but would this Asus be able to shape up to 500 on the CPU alone?

With a 23.05.3 based build my flent testing suggests that without SQM it can do:

  • with packet steering off:
    • one direction only - about 900Mbps up or down
    • both directions - the limit is about 430Mbps up & 575Mbps down (i.e. aggregate of just over 1Gbps)
  • with packet steering on:
    • one direction only - about 925Mbps up or down
    • both directions - the limit is about 845Mbps up & 845Mbps down (i.e. aggregate of just under 1.7Gbps)

I don't have any measurements for PPPoE, software/hardware flow offload or cake. A simpler - less CPU intensive - shaper with packet steering on was able to get a bidirectional aggregate of about 1.2Gbps.

I suspect that performance is limited to at least some degree by current Linux kernel DSA switch driver limitations - the OEM firmware seems able to separate the WAN port onto a different interface from the LAN ports which isn't possible in OpenWrt.

Only wish I could get it for that price here...

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Thx for the reply.
After some more research I ordered it for 54.50€, shipping and tax included. Should arrive tomorrow or the day after so will see about the performance. Price is really good, usually it's sold for at least 100€.
When I find the time I'l try to test it with stock and openwrt and post results.
BTW, isn't flent only oriented to bufferbloat/response testing?

Yes. SQM on TUF-AX4200 has done over 2 Gbps.

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flent is used for network throughput testing under all sorts of conditiions.