OpenWrt support for Asus AX1800HP

PR :

Note : it's uboot identify itsalf as ax54.
Edit : it is ax54 not ax54u.

The modelid for this device seems to be RT-AX54, not RT-AX54U, but on the Asus website there seems to be only an RT-AX54HP listed, firmware binary identical to the one for RT-AX1800HP, matching the base modelid RT-AX54.
So maybe add it as RT-AX54 and RT-AX1800HP as ALT0 device and RT-AX54HP as ALT1 device?
Or as RT-AX54HP and RT-AX1800HP as ALT0 ?
Also similar to RT-AX53U this device has NMBM, you didn't make use of it, you left the firmware2 partition unused and you didn't mention the jffs2 partition.
My two cents will be to add it in a proper state from the start to avoid future hanging PRs as we had for RT-AX53U.

should i also add ax1800s at alternative name ? Also I checked boot log , yes you are right . it is ax54, not ax54u.

I think yes bc the asuswrt for them r the same firnware

Why did you install OpenWrt on it if you don't know how to use it?
How did you install OpenWrt?
Are you sure you've put the router in Recovery Mode?

Hello, I installed according to the instructions of the RT-AX53U
But when using it on AX1800Hp, I can't record PPPOE (Error: Connection attempt failed)
I have installed Firmware Restoration and followed the asus instructions but it doesn't work.
Hope you help.

Dont ask this on github pls

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Anything regarding PPPoE in the logs?
Nevermind, with the AX53U firmware loaded you can't use the WAN port as.. WAN, as with @exkc's findings, the ports don't match between the devices, so you need to either wait for proper support for this device or try to go back to stock.

@exkc seems your findings are right.

#define MT7621_GSW
#elif defined(RTAC85P)  || defined(RTACRH26) || defined(TUFAC1750) || defined(RT4GAX56) || defined(RTAX53U) 
enum {
#define MT7621_GSW
#elif defined(XD4S)
enum {
	LAN2_PORT=0, //not used
	LAN3_PORT=1, //not used
	LAN4_PORT=3, //not used
#define MT7621_GSW
#elif defined(RTAX54)
enum {

But, I still think that we should add this device as RT-AX54, as Asus calls it too, instead of it's alternate marketing name.
And maybe you can settle on a partition layout?

And maybe you can settle on a partition layout?

the partition seem to the same as ax53u

i had think about make a dtsi for ax53u n ax54 btw.

also the stock rom for ax53u work on ax54.

I see you've made some changes, I suggest using this for now, as we don't know any other models released yet:


Thank you!

Ah btw u seem to have the souce code of asuswrt for ax54. How u get this?

Also the DEVICE_ALT1_MODEL := RT-AX1800 is actually a typo

From the Asus support page for this model, select Driver & Tools, OS: Others, you'll find a little older GPL there under Source Code.
Also you don't have to repeat the original model in ALT0, you can use what I've put above.
And yes now you've made the partitions as they are for AX53U but we have a pending PR to change that, just that we didn't agree on a final version it seems, yet.
That's why I'd like at least one model to get added properly from the start. I'll try to dedicate more time for this in the next few days to test a few scenarios.

thank :+1:

Well ax54 n ax53u use the same device tree.

The device tree they use had defined the partition ad follow :

Yes, I know that. But we're not using the space from Kernel2 and jffs2 in OpenWrt currently, and that's just wasted (50MB+16MB).

But we're not using the space from Kernel2 and jffs2 in OpenWrt currently, and that's just wasted (50MB+16MB).

why u dont use space from Kernel2 and jffs2?

As I've said, we have a pending PR for this,
But I still want to test some install/update scenarios as that device is already added with that space unused.

ok btw i notice the uboot will copy kernel2 to kernel when kernel is broken and not empty. (the uboot will boot from kernel 2 if kernel is empty)

I've made a short test here:

It does not boot from kernel2, it can't do that.
It can only copy Kernel2 to Kernel and boot Kernel.
I have not tested what happens when both Kernel and Kernel2 partitions are trashed.
I have not tested what happens when jffs2 is trashed and you go back to stock.
That's why some more testing is required.
And I'd still want to have nested partitions on these devices to go back to stock easier.