OpenWrt on Asus AX1800HP

AX1800HP is smailer ax53u (in term of spce).

They both use MediaTek MT7905DAN n MediaTek MT7975DN as wifi chip n MediaTek MT7621AT at cpu

They both have 128 MiB of flash n 256 MiB of ram

The difference between them is ax53u have 1 x usb port n 3 x lan port n ax1800u have 0 x usb port n 4 x lan port n different LED configuration between them.

becuae of the similarity of them i think openwrt image for ax53u might work on ax 1800hp so i flash the openwrt image for ax53u to ax 1800hp .

Openwrt booted on ax1800hp. it work fine (expect for broken LED configuration n wan port dont work n lan port 4 become the wan port)

Edit : is lan port 4 not lan port 1
Edit2 : i was wrong the the flash layout r that same between them.
Edit3 : NOTE : openwrt now support ax1800 (ax54) so this hack atin needed (see OpenWrt support for Asus AX1800HP)

btw i dont know the original flash layout of ax1800hp

That was brave, you could have soft bricked it...

Hmm It seem only the power led can be only controled by openwrt.The wan led work but there r seem to be no way to control it.Also the lan led has become the network activity led of lan port 3.

You used a FW made for another device, and your biggest concern are the non functional LEDs?

Ofc The biggest concern is it might be not able to boot.

I notice it might possible to get the wan port working at a lan port by using older image of openwrt's ax53u image because the device tree of the older image of openwrt's ax53u's drive tree r missconfiged to have 4 x lan n 1 x wan
(yes i know i could rebuild the kernel that have the device tree that configed to have 4xlan 1xwan)

EDIT : I rebuilded the kernel and made openwrt to support it. (see OpenWrt support for Asus AX1800HP)

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