Openwrt Firmware to TP-Link Archer ac750 C20 v5

Good day, everyone!
I have trable with install wireguard on openwrt from(Porting Firmware to TP-Link Archer C20 v5) i used all of there Firmware, but when i try install any packages in system>software i see that (kernel VERSION INCOMPATIBLE:Require version = 4.14.167 installed 4.14.154)
then i downloaded from openwrt and Flash new firmware image, but after that i couldn't go to interface openwrt.
I am very bad at this,so i ask for bild firmware on TP-Link Archer ac750 C20 v5 whith kernel version 4.14.167, I will be grateful if u do this.

You have installed a snapshot image.

Thank you very much!

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