OpenWrt 22.03-rc6 "Build" for TV-boxes (rk322x)

I have assembled a fully working image for RockChip 322x (quad core armv7/32bit) tv-boxes:

These are cheap-*ss devices that usually get dumped into the trashcan, because they have an ancient Android onboard, and they rarely work well.

After many days and the help of the wonderful people at the Armbian board, I managed to assemble a fully working OpenWRT 22.03-rc6 with Kernel 5.16.11.

The filesystem is based on rpi2/model b (armv7-neon), it has a different kernel, full moduleset, and a lot of hardware optimizations.

Cheap and useless as they are, these boards are quite fast as routers, and thanks to OpenWRT now you can have a nice interface and a wealth of software to use!


Download MULTITOOL image and burn it into an SD card, follow instructions for its use here:

Get the OpenWRT image here:

Put it into the SD card (images dir) and flash it!

Follow instructions here:

The box will answer to on its ethernet 10/100 port.

It has an internal wifi, but rarely works and it's disabled by default.

Since those boxes have only one interface, they act like a raspberry 2.

Act accordingly.


So nice to see this! i´m always ask me how good those boxes are and how they can handle router task, the hardware is so powerful comparing some dedicated arm socs. At this time i don't have any to test, but i hope to grab one in a near future, they are so cheap theses days!


Here in Italy I can get them for €9. As for routing, they are indeed quite fast. I can get about 85MB/s with wireguard, which is remarkable. Too bad they don't have an integrated switch, and I have to use them with VLANs/VXLANs etc to get more eth ports.

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Hola!! tengo una gran duda después de flashearlo ya le puedo extraer la SDcard o no debo sacarlo para nada
Por fa espero su respuesta​:pray::pray:


Looks like I have to search my warehouse to find if I have any of these boxes. With ~15 USD, it is easy to buy many of boxes with Cortex-A53 from China. Unfortunately OpenWrt does not support them.

There are efforts from Chinese users to port OpenWrt over. I don't know why these ports never go upstream though.

Proprietary Botnet anybody???