How to build OpenWrt for HK1 Mini (Rockchip Armv7)?

Hallo Openwrter :pray:

I need help ,how to build openwrt for my devices :thinking:
My devices HK1 Mini is Armv7 - Rk3229 (Tv box)
I just see Openwrt work for armv8 devices.

I see work same devices

Much devices rk322x can't run openwrt,just with smart people user can do it :thinking:
But I'm not smart :pensive:

So I want learn how to build Openwrt for my devices "Armv7 - rk3229".

Maybe use GitHub action be easy,but I'm can't configuration for armv7 rk3229 :pensive:
Base Openwrt just work armv8.

Any idea or guide ,please :pray:


The image I posted works on your box. What is your problem ?

If you follow the instructions on my post (that you quoted) you'll get OpenWRT working on your box. You'll get the console on the standard HDMI video port that you can interact with a standard USB keyboard. You also get luci on the ethernet port at

The image is fully upgradeable to any OpenWRT, just use the Raspberry PI-2b builds and everything works.


For the life of me I don't understand your needs.

Ups sorry :pray:
I'm so sorry,my English very bad ,:pensive:

I means,I need guide to build openwrt from source for rk3229

Please @Wyk72 can you make tutorial.