OpenWrt 21.02.2 Second service release


The OpenWrt community is proud to announce the second service release of OpenWrt 21.02. It fixes security issues, improves device support, and brings a few bug fixes.

We recently moved our bugs to GitHub, please report issues over there (after checking that nobody else posted the same issue before).

Download firmware images via the Firmware Selector or directly from our download servers:

Main changes from OpenWrt 21.02.1

Device support

  • Support for the following devices was added:
    • Xiaomi AIoT Router AC2350
    • Linksys EA6300 & EA9200
    • Netgear RAXE500
    • TP-Link TL-WA1201 v2
  • Minew G1-C: Allow dynamic RAM sizes
  • Fix U-Boot hang on lantiq danube-s v1.5 with MX29LV640EB NOR
  • TP-Link tl-mr3020-v3: Fix switch topology
  • Luxul XWR-3150 LAN: Fix ports numbering
  • WD MyBook Live DUO: Fix USB-Port
  • Turris Omnia: Use SFP module, if present
  • OpenMesh OM5P-AC v2: Fixed device tree

Various fixes and improvements

  • Add new rpcapd package
  • chmod 1777 /var/lock to follow FHS 3.0 guideline
  • netifd: fix deletion of ip tunnels (FS#4058)
  • multiple mac80211 backports:
    • Add support Wifi 6 GHz band and HE options in scripts
    • mac80211: fix IBSS/adhoc mode for brcmfmac
  • Add ath10k smallbuffers

Core components

  • Update Linux kernel from 5.4.154 to 5.4.179
  • Update mac80211 from 5.10.68 to 5.10.85
  • Update wolfssl from 4.8.1 to 5.1.1
  • Update wireless-regdb from 2021.04.21 to 2021.08.28
  • Update mt76 from 2021-06-06 to 2021-12-03
  • Update busybox from 1.33.1 to 1.33.2
  • Update intel-microcode from 20200616 to 20210608
  • Update linux-firmware from 20201118 to 20211216
  • Update openssl from 1.1.1l to 1.1.1m
  • Update mbedtls from 2.16.11 to 2.16.12


  • Certificate validation fails in wolfssl against some sites especially sites using lets encrypt certificates. This affects for example wget in the default configuration #9283

Known issues

Full release notes and upgrade instructions are available at

In particular, make sure to read the regressions and known issues before upgrading:

For a detailed list of all changes since 21.02.1, refer to

To download the 21.02.2 images, navigate to:

To stay informed of new OpenWrt releases and security advisories, there
are new channels available:

As always, a big thank you goes to all our active package maintainers, testers, documenters, and supporters.


The OpenWrt Community


Great work guys, thanks.

I minor remark, the links are not updated in the Table of Hardware: Firmware downloads. At least not for the TP-Link TL-MR3420 V5

I found the 21.02.2 firmware version in here:

I will take a look later this day.


Congrats on the big release, some great fixes included here. Sticking with a Master snapshot on my WRT32X for now have 75 day uptime.

Support for the RAXE500

Wait, this is a high end WiFi 6E router, is this a typo?

Excellent news! Upgraded my WRT1900ACS V1 and my WAC104 from 21.02.1. No issues.

Developers: Well done and much appreciation.

Hi all....many thanx for hard work....Can i just flash this and keep settings?

Hi all.
Successfully installed 21.02.2 on these devices by sysupgrading from 21.02.1

  • Netgear WNDR3700v2 (ath79 generic)
  • Netgear WNDR3700v4 (ath79 nand)
  • Netgear R6220 (mt7621)

Successfully installed 21.02.2 on these devices by flashing factory image after reversing to Linksys firmware.

  • Linksys EA7300v2 (mt7621)
  • Linksys MR8300v1.1 (ipq40xx generic)

and of course on a tiny PC

  • x86/64

Thank you to everyone who contributed.


It does look as though things are taking time to filter through. The site home page is still showing 21.02.1 as the current stable version. I have found the correct firmware files, working from this thread, but I can't blame anyone for waiting a few more hours.

Reading the notes is a good idea.

Updated my TP-Link TL-MR3420 V5 and every thing seems fine.

One observation, I needed to re-install openvpn package even though I asked it to keep the config.
Maybe that is how it works, I'm new to openwrt.

Yes, I usually wait for the mailing list announcement, too, as an indicator, but that hasn't happened yet either. Still, a week on, it's clearly out regardless of these details.

That's expected behavior if you don't use this service.

I updated my Linksys WRT3200ACM, and it has been working fine. It's great to have an official patch for the wifi issue that was affecting the platform.

Thanks for the developers for all the work that goes into doing a release!


Thank you to everyone for your hard work!

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Happy to report sysupgrade of c2600 from 21.02.1 => 21.02.2 (keeping settings) OK.
Good job :scream_cat: to all involved!

This announcement was not sent to the openwrt-announce mailing list.


Whenever I try to sysupgrade to 21.02.2 my r7800 just reboots into 21.02.1. Anyone have an idea why?

fixed: reset the router and tried again

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Thanks for all the amazing work (as always) from the dev team!!

Just updated 3 devices from 21.02.1 (I always just do a clean install).
Ubiquiti RouterStation Pro
TP-Link TL-WR902AC
Linksys E3000

All upgrades wen smoothly, and everything appears to be working.

Thank you all! one question, to upgrade a mt7621 device, zbt link 1326, from 19.07.7 , do I need factory or sysupgrade image?

thanks for the great work! updated with no problems two routers

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Factory is usually only required if vendor firmware "from the factory" is still running.

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