OpenWrt 19.07.0 and OpenWrt 19.07.1 bug

As only I install 19.07 or 19.07.1 i have this bug

Has appeared in 19.07 RC1 and latter...
When this bug be fixed ? Bug will be if open or and next close tabs (not logout) and next open new tab or What do and what will be fix ?

Which URI is malformed? Please show it.

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I not known , but this will be if do as so I say,

try clearing your cache

But I not use cache , and this bug not retry if I use 18.06 any version

For this on 19.07 I offer you make next :

  1. Install Mozilla Firefox 73
  2. open and login
  3. replace netaddress from to
  4. apply and save
  5. open and login
  6. watch statistics
  7. close tab on 1-3 minutes
  8. and open
    If your not logout, you can see this.
    This will be alwayes when you will be opening 192.168.x.1 after close tab.

If you opening 192.168.x.1 after timeout and your will be need autorized again and you input login and password - this bug not replayable. But if you opening 192.168.x.1 before timeout and you not need input login and password - bug will be replayable.

So this is occurring on the main overview page, only after you change IPs?

If you about rechange IP adress to - not ) this be always.
Also for this at all not need treason , you need easy open or and close this tab and through few minutes reopen tab 192.168.x.1... all what you need , this save password in your browser and open tab anew before will be timeout for and relogin.
But connect to ISP recomended. This will be even if you have static IP address from ISP.

I'm trying to reproduce this, but I'm not able to see any issue.

Maybe you can make a video (screen recording) demonstrating exactly what is happening. Upload it to youtube and post the link here.

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I do this , and on 19.07 recive bug.
19.07 I install over 18.06 , because in 19.07 there is problem about change IP address... in 19.07 all very confused and I can not make this easy. Everytime as I do this , I have trouble with applying changes.

@DIR-825 - I watched your video but you didn’t actually show the issue you are claiming is a bug.

In order to prove that it is a bug, you must show the exact steps and problems so that other people can understand and reproduce it.

You should start with the default configuration on 19.07.1 and then show the exact steps you took that created the problem. We must be able to see the problem occur. You also need to show the problem happening in more than one web browser.

I do not believe that there is a bug. Instead, I think that the problem is related to the web browser and/or user error.

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Good. But have some conditions whitch not can be playable.

  1. I flash 19.07 only after setting 18.06 and setting in 18.06 network address.
  2. if I flash 19.07 in pure mode , I not can settin network address. Despite what network address applying , difference not saved.

Because of this I do step by step install firmware , first 18.06 and setting this version , next install 19.07 with save settings from 18.06.

Maybe your issue is around the auto-rollback feature.

Read this for more detail.

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Are you receiving a box that asks you to "Apply uncheked"?


No. This message if and have then very not constant. Can be , and can not be.
In 18.06 change new IP address apply easy when we to press save and apply button.

It is really hard to understand what issues you are having. Can you describe the exact process (step by step) and results or issues that you see? Maybe another screen recording will best show what is happening.

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I am experiencing the same issue:

. It happens in Chrome Version 80.0.3987.106 (Official Build) (64-bit) on a Fedora 31. It does not happen on Firefox Browser 73.0 (64-bit).

It happens right after login and wait to display screen.


This config with errors , in this config have all besides passwords to Wi-Fi and ISP

Yes , but I have this with FF 70 - 71 - 72 versions , this going on anytime when I close and fast reopen tab with IP address router. I have addons in Firefox which you can see on attachment I'n from Russia , so partialy on russian ) Windows 7 x64 Max

Then fix your browsers.

Here video
Sorry , but TABS not are placed in top if I use Bandicam.
Instead this there interface Bandicam for control.