Openwrt 18.06(Snapshot) custom builds for TP-LINK WR740N(D) WA801N(D) WR840N(D) WR841N(D) WR940N(D) WR941N(D) ( with wifi enabled in default & working Zram-swap))

This builds are dedicated for whom face no wifi after installing openwrt and get scared like me.
The builds are compiled using latest Openwrt-18.06 Branch and Ubuntu 20.04.

Every build has wifi enabled in default. AP will be renamed with Brand name. Example : TP-Link is the ap name for tplink devices.

Supported Routers :

  • TP-LINK WA801ND V2
  • TP-LINK WR740N V4
  • TP-LINK WR840N V2
  • TP-LINK WR840N V3
  • TP-LINK WR841N V8
  • TP-LINK WR841N V9
  • TP-LINK WR841N V10
  • TP-LINK WR841N V11
  • TP-LINK WR940N V2 | TP-LINK WR941N V5
  • TP-LINK WR940N V3 | TP-LINK WR941N V6
  • TP-LINK WR940N V4 | TP-LINK WR940N V5
  • TP-LINK WR940N V6
  • Upcoming more devices..

Releases : First Release / Universal Routers
-->This Includes:

  1. Luci with Bootstrap theme
  2. Luci-app-nlbwmon aka Network Monitor tools
  3. Luci-app-wifi-schedule
  4. Luci-app-sqm aka traffic shaper
  5. iptables connmark & hashlimit for per MAC/device speed control
  6. Zram swap enabled & working
  7. Wifi is enabled in default
  8. Only ipv4 support.

Works like a charm!

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Hello, thanks for supporting this devices.

Can you make a build with https-dns-proxy and luci-app-https-dns-proxy?


Next week i will try, if the build is successful i will add them in new releases, And Everyone is welcomed for suggestion for any necessary packages that will be fitted in this router.

how to manage packages on SSH without trying to opkg how to manage packages on SSH without trying to opkg

sera que alguen poderia copilar com idioma portuger br?


There is a shiny new invention, lower case - please use it where appropriate, there's no reason to SCREAM.

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no.. i'm not screaming, i just not change the option since i type my password here. mb

opkg does not include in the builds because there doesn't have enough space in 4/32 targets.


@humanOS please include TP-Link MR-3420 v2. Thank you.

Thank you very much @humanOS for sharing your work. I really appreciate that. I really hope you can keep doing something for this awesome but very forgotten device (WR940Nv6).

I wish you could compile some newer version, like 19

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Has someone tried SQM in this version? Does it really work? I'm looking for a working version for my WR940N v6.

Thanks in advance

i am using still now, sqm is working without any problem.

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Thank you very much for your answer, and for sharing your work with us.
I'm going to try it on my WR940N v6 tomorrow. I really hope everything works flawlessly. (I'm so scared about it because I read that it's a bit complicated to go back to stock firmware, and I'm a newby on this and it's my only router, I don't have any chance to buy another :confounded:)

Btw @humanOS, I guess it's possible to create a "guest network" (wifi) in this compilation, I'm right?

Yeah. possible. You can create maximum 4 wireless AP. Also You can use mac address based speed control. it is quite simple, if u need i can share a simple custom firewall for mac base speed control

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That's awesome. I just need SQM for having a good shape in my broadband (no bufferbloat) and limit the shared broadband speed

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Flashed and bricked my WR940N v6... Now I don't know that to do! @humanOS

Recovered my router via TFTP with stock firmware.

There is no way to flash OpenWrt on my router. It gets inmediatly bricked. I don't know what to do.
Via WEB it says "error: incorrect region" or something, but when I use (EU) it proceed, finishes with no errors, restart router and BRICKED!

Flashed via TFTP all 3 versions "squashfs" and each one bricks my WR940N v6. I don't understand what's going on...

do you check region variant of your router? There also has a brazilian variant.