Openwrt 18.06(Snapshot) custom builds for TP-LINK WR740N(D) WA801N(D) WR840N(D) WR841N(D) WR940N(D) WR941N(D) ( with wifi enabled in default & working Zram-swap))

This builds are dedicated for whom face no wifi after installing openwrt and get scared like me.
The builds are compiled using latest Openwrt-18.06 Branch and Ubuntu 20.04.

Every build has wifi enabled in default. AP will be renamed with Brand name. Example : TP-Link is the ap name for tplink devices.

Supported Routers :

  • TP-LINK WA801ND V2
  • TP-LINK WR740N V4
  • TP-LINK WR840N V2
  • TP-LINK WR840N V3
  • TP-LINK WR841N V8
  • TP-LINK WR841N V9
  • TP-LINK WR841N V10
  • TP-LINK WR841N V11
  • TP-LINK WR940N V2 | TP-LINK WR941N V5
  • TP-LINK WR940N V3 | TP-LINK WR941N V6
  • TP-LINK WR940N V4 | TP-LINK WR940N V5
  • TP-LINK WR940N V6
  • Upcoming more devices..

Releases : First Release / Universal Routers
-->This Includes:

  1. Luci with Bootstrap theme
  2. Luci-app-nlbwmon aka Network Monitor tools
  3. Luci-app-wifi-schedule
  4. Luci-app-sqm aka traffic shaper
  5. iptables connmark & hashlimit for per MAC/device speed control
  6. Zram swap enabled & working
  7. Wifi is enabled in default
  8. Only ipv4 support.

Works like a charm!

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