New AP with 802.11r and VLAN support


I'm looking again for a Wifi Access Point that's supported by Openwrt. I want to provide a least two different Wifi networks. The device should also support VLANs for that purpose.

The memory size should be big enough for using the device several years (minimum 64 MB flash, 256 RAM).

Last time I've chosen the Linksys 1900 ACS:


I've decided for this device:

At the moment I don't facing issues except that the target isn't on DSA yet.

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Thanks. But this is mainly a disadvantage because this means that some day I'll have to recreate the network config :wink:

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

…now I'm just hoping to get it merged and done with for good, so I can forget about the old ways.

only nbg6817/ g10 and tl-wdr3600/ tl-wdr4300 left on swconfig in my collection, which all already have working DSA drivers, they just need to get switched.

Granted, you're just looking for an AP, not a router. Still, ipq806x performance has not been holding up well from one stable OpenWrt release to the next. If you found an NBG6817 used and got a real bargain on it, or are up for maintaining the device as a hobby (experimentation with NSS builds, etc.), that's one thing.

But for a new device intended for several years of use, I would start my search with more current hardware than ip806x. WiFi6 capable Mediatek armv8 targets (e.g., MT7622, Filogic) is where I would start looking.


Too late :wink:

But I might have to buy I second one. So I'm still interested in recommendations.

But the ZyXEL NBG6817 seems to work reliable with OpenWRT 23.05.0-rc2 instead of the replaced FritzBox 7142:

Performance is for me less important than stability and an easy deployment. I'm still using quite old devices like the FrizBox 7320. So for me a device hsn't to support the latest WiFi standard but have to fit the OpenWRT requirements for several years.

I would have just bought the Linksys 1900Aacs again if available.

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