Multiple wifi networks, VLAN support


I'm looking for a Wifi Access Point that's supported by Openwrt. I want to provide a least two different Wifi networks. The device should also support VLANs for that purpose.

On the ethernet site the speed should 1GBit/s. On the wifi side the device should support at least 802.11n.

The memory size should be big enough for using the device several years.


The Linksys WRT3200ACM could fit in this scenario. Does it support at least two WifFi networks?

Yep. I have a WRT32X, which I think is the same HW as a WRT3200ACM that is running multiple wifi networks and VLANs. Also have an older WRT1900acs that does the same. I am also trunking the VLANs over a couple other routers so the APs have the same VLANs. Most semi-decent routers even older ones support VLANs.

If you end up with a WRT3200ACM or the other similar linksys, check out David's specific builds for them. Davidc502- wrt1200ac wrt1900acx wrt3200acm wrt32x builds

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Hi, thank your for sharing your experiences.

What are the benefits of David's build except an updated driver and some preinstalled packages? I'm looking only for a Wifi access point (especially for the guest network). All other services (file server, firewall) are already provided by other devices.

You got the benefits of those builds. FWIW I am running the 18.06.1 release build a WRT32X that is my main router. I have one of David's builds on a WRT1900ACS that I use as an AP. Has a lot of pre-installed packages, but to your point no significant difference other than that. I haven't seen a need to reflash the WRT32X from release.

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Finally I've chosen the WRT1900ACS.

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