FritzBox 7412 and VLANs


is someone using the FritzBox7412 with VLANs? I have an issue with DHCP in the guest network.


I'm providing more details.

There are two bridges:

  • main wifi bridge with untagged VLAN, static IP
  • guest wifi bridge with tagged VLAN, unmanged

There are no issues with main wifi!

Now I change the setup:

  • main wifi bridge with tagged VLAN, static IP
  • guest wifi bridge with tagged VLAN, unmanged

Now the main wifi isn't working too. I can ping the FritzBox via the router. But I can't ping any device connected to the main wifi via the FritzBox.

I've no issues with both setups on other devices. So the issue is caused by the FritzBox. Seems that bridges with tagged VLANs and wifi aren't working on the FritzBox 7412.

EDIT: Seems that is confirmed by the device page:

But actually I don't understand why. In which components VLANs has to be supported for this case? I've thought VLANs are implemented in the OS.

So nobody knows why there is the entry "VLAN" in the data sheets and what this mean exactly?

It's still not working in 19.07.4

Bo success with 20.02.0 either :frowning:

I've gathered some data with tcdump: I see DHCP requests and packages of a device connected to an other AP on on wlan0-1, eth0.19 and br-WWAN. But I don't see the DHCP requests on the VLAN interface of the OPNSense router.

I wanted to try this but:

# ethtool eth0
Settings for eth0:
No data available