Netgear Xr500 under DD-wrt to Openwrt


i have a Netgear Xr500 with DD-Wrt (i found DumaOs not stable)

i prefer Openwrt but actually there is no firmware available

i understand that the Xr500 is near the r7800 but i have no knowlegde at all in developper's work

if someone who has the knowledge will have a look i can try to give it the necessary files and test the result


There might be some good information in

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So the r7800 and the xr500 is nearly the same.

If i understand (english not my native language - i thinks you have notice) to make the firmware the "start point" is the firmware of the r7800 and a boot log is needed to see the difference

i have a backup of the bootloader (cfe.bin) of the xr500, does it contains the information needed ?

The xr500 is currently not supported by OpenWrt, but given that the hardware is nearly identical (just more flash and a different partitioning) it would be trivial to add support for it as well, based on the existing code for the r7800. It being trivial however does not mean it will magically happen, as someone with the device on the desk and a little experience of how OpenWrt works (and how to build it with local modifications) and how to recover a bricked device will still have to actually do it (yes, in this particular case it should be very easy, but still…).

I understand that it would be not easy not without the router "on the desk".

Finaly, in my case, it should be more easy to switch to a fully supported device.

I relied on the recently-added support for the XR500 in DD-WRT to build an XR500 image of OpenWrt 18.06.2 and flash it on my XR500. All I know is that it didn't brick, was able to do a sysupgrade, and has been working without issues for most of the day, wireless included. I urge caution because I know just barely enough to have gotten this far, and don't know what I might have messed up. I'd advise against flashing this on your gear as a disclaimer, though I totally would have gone for it if I'd seen it earlier :smiley:

Patch for 18.06.2

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