Can't install packages on XR500

Can someone please help fix this for me I can't install any packages!

I used the image found from this article - Netgear Xr500 under DD-wrt to Openwrt

The XR500 is very similar to the r7800, so it shouldn't take someone with the device long to port OpenWrt to it properly - but forcing the wrong firmware to it is not a good idea.


The problem here is it is running someone's custom build, which has a different kernel fingerprint than the 18.06.2 build. kmods must match the running kernel almost exactly, or it will crash severely. Maybe this build is really the same kernel version that you could force the kmod in, but usually it is not and that would brick it.


What you will need to do is compile your own build for the XR500 (with that patch in the other thread) with the software you want intergrated into the image or as modules that you can copy on to your router.


I have no knowledge on how to do this is but appreciate the info, If anyone has anyone time to do what @NamesAreAPain instructed it would be greatly appreciated or instruct me on how to do so for a beginner if anyone doesn't have time that's fine... THANKS

Anyone? Please :pray: would like SQM

I dont understand the problem, just install SQM. The error in your first post appears that you waited too long to install needed software packages from the snapshot repository.

Your fix would be to upgrade snapshot and immediately install all needed packages.

Wait, why is the kernel mismatched in 18.06.2?

You could attempt to force install on the command line; but the recommended thing is to find out why this mismatch is happening.

The main problem is that the xr500 isn't supported by OpenWrt at all (it should be easy to add, based on the r7800 support, just with different NAND partitioning/ hwid), as that would avoid nasty hacks in the first place.


As far as I know XR500 is a gaming-oriented router. May I ask OP why you ever wanted to discard DUMAOS (which BTW has some very cool features) for OpenWRT?

@ Devs. How likely is it to see future OperWRT plugins similar to DUMAOS's GeoFilter and Ping Assist?
SQM+these two features would be awesome for gaming.

I dont like the dumaos anti bufferbloat with my specific connection i have dsl with 15down 576kbps up SQM works way better for me dumaos seems to slow up so much on me its ridiculous

Can anyone fix this for me and make actual working build I’ll donate

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