Need New DavidC502 Thread

The OpenWrt forum is currently offline due to a hardware problem on the hosting machine. Unfortunately we neither have access to the machine itself nor any backups of the forum to restore service. At this point in time we do not know if and when the server will get back online.

This would be an interesting chance to migrate from there entirely.

What do you think @davidc502?

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Agreed, especially considering how outdated Lede 17.x is at this point, davidc502's builds have basically become the forefront of OpenWrt for many people, myself included. At least until OpenWrt 18.x happens, but even then davidc502 puts together a great baseline system with many important packages included by default.

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Would be great to get another thread up and running - espically since new firmware is out about about. Would be good to discuss if its good or not..

I would hazard a guess that his hardware is currently down as the warning states. In an attempt to build the bestest WRT3200ACM build ever, he broke his local interwebz...

This is in a wait and see mode to see what shakes loose.

Thanks for suggesting.

not certain if anyone has also observed a wee feature with r6868. i have the wrt1900ac and after having finished with configuration from scratch and a reboot, i noticed luci status is not displaying status for system, memory, network, dhcp leases, wireless, associated stations, etc. everything else seems to be working except for luci status display. i rolled back to r6565 and voila i got the luci display status back. is it just me or has anyone made the same observation?

@davidc502 -- since the openwrt forums are still down, figured I'd ask here. WRT3200ACM (My WRT1900ACv2 doesn't have this issue on your builds, nor my EA4500 on trunk builds) on your last build (was on 05/11, but just flashed the 05/18 build now, so will see if it's fixed there) is running out of memory every 1-2 days for me. Any ideas? I haven't managed to narrow it down to any processes, had an open ssh session, with logread running, and the shell got to -ash: can't fork: Out of memory, so I managed to kill -9 a process from the details I had from the (now crashed) logread, and run a ps aux, but nothing was using more than 0.1% of memory, and then next command I ran gave me -ash: can't fork: Out of memory again, so probably wasn't the process I killed either. is the end of logread before it crashed and my ps aux if this provides any insight that I have missed


After a reboot, ssh to the router and run htop. From htop press F4 and then the letter m. Just observe it through the day.

r6952 is out, so you might give that build a try.

Pretty new here and wonder if there is a change log somewhere for @davidc502 versions? Thanks

I kept a changelog for a while, and then was lazy and lost track. Right now I don't have one.

Ok thanks. So far so good. Have had very little issues with your releases so will keep going. Makes my 3200 useful again instead of constant drop outs etc. Great work!

Alright, I'm assuming you meant F6(SortBy) instead of F4(Filter) though? (filter by m would only return processes with m in their command line)


Pefect! You got it!

@ davidc502 -
thank you for your firmware for wrt32x. i've done some inittal testing this morning. i have a wrt32xB hardware wchih uses spansion rom. i flashed your firmware over the webif.

the 'advanced reboot' feature shows 'Warning: This system does not have two partitions! Warning: This system does not have two partitions!'

what is interesting is that your build flashed to the first boot image. lede fw_printenv reveals boot_part =1.
if i fw_setenv boot_part 2, then i can reboot to the factory image.

is this a buggy advanced_reboot module, do I need to use the uboot serial mothod, or is this a result of having the 'wrt32xB' version of hardware?

thanks for the alert on this.

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As @ghoffman stated, thank you for the WRT32X Firmware. I am very grateful to be off the stock Venom Firmware.
I flashed via Serial and run update_both_images
I can also confirm that the lede-mvebu-cortexa9-linksys-wrt32x-squashfs-factory.img does not recognize the dual-partitions.
If I use SSH and fw_setenv boot_part to switch to alternate partition, LuCI comes up as a new install and must be reconfigured. My SSH-RSA Key is also not recognized.
I have a WRT32X v1

@ghoffman and @spuriousoffspring

Have you both tried putting a lede image on both partitions to see if Advanced reboot then sees them both?

yes. it makes no differerence.
my steps:
by analysis of mtd dumps:
mtd5->kernel1 factory
mtd7->kernel2 factory

factory gui -> davidc lede--mvebu-cortexa9-linksys-wt32x-squashfs-factory.img on partition 1

mtd5->kernel1 factory
mtd7->kernel2 davidc lede

advanced reboot gives 'only one partition'

sysupgrade:davidc ssh davidc lede-----sysupgrade.bin -> davidc lede on partition 1

mtd5->kernel1 davidc lede
mtd7->kernel2 davidc lede

booting to either partition -> advanced reboot does not recognize a second partition.

luci-app-advanced-reboot by itself doesn't detect anything, that would be extremely dangerous, it needs to get to know about the pecularities of your system beforehand. The good news, it's probably trivial to add support for it, please try it yourself and then contact @stangri about it, from your description this should be everything:

From cab6cc5ec5bc9fea12a2e78633462cb90485534f Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Stefan Lippers-Hollmann <>
Date: Mon, 21 May 2018 20:57:05 +0200
Subject: [PATCH] add support for the Linksys WRT32X (venom)

According to

This is basically a WRT3200ACM (rango) in disguise.

Signed-off-by: Stefan Lippers-Hollmann <>
 luci-app-advanced-reboot/luasrc/controller/advanced_reboot.lua | 1 +
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)

diff --git a/luci-app-advanced-reboot/luasrc/controller/advanced_reboot.lua b/luci-app-advanced-reboot/luasrc/controller/advanced_reboot.lua
index b5dd4fe..8318c00 100644
--- a/luci-app-advanced-reboot/luasrc/controller/advanced_reboot.lua
+++ b/luci-app-advanced-reboot/luasrc/controller/advanced_reboot.lua
@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@ devices = {
   {"Linksys WRT1900ACv2", "linksys-cobra", "mtd4", "mtd6", 32, "boot_part", 1, 2, "bootcmd", "run nandboot", "run altnandboot"},
   {"Linksys WRT1900ACS", "linksys-shelby", "mtd4", "mtd6", 32, "boot_part", 1, 2, "bootcmd", "run nandboot", "run altnandboot"},
   {"Linksys WRT3200ACM", "linksys-rango", "mtd5", "mtd7", 32, "boot_part", 1, 2, "bootcmd", "run nandboot", "run altnandboot"},
+  {"Linksys WRT32X", "linksys-venom", "mtd5", "mtd7", 32, "boot_part", 1, 2, "bootcmd", "run nandboot", "run altnandboot"},
   {"ZyXEL NBG6817","nbg6817","mmcblk0p4","mmcblk0p7",32,nil,255,1}

You can also edit the file in place on your router via "/usr/lib/lua/luci/controller/advanced_reboot.lua".

Sounds like a bug report should be filed. After all WRT32X was just added to OpenWrt a week ago probably needs work.

Seriously thinking about selling my WRT3200ACM and getting WRT32X once support is nailed down. Just love how it looks and now with davidc502 builds out...