MT6000 custom build with LuCi and some optimization - kernel 6.6.x

Dear, as we don't still have a stable release for GL.iNet release of MT6000. I would like to share with you my custom build with kernel 6.1.

WED is enabled

WiFi is not enabled

LuCi is installed

Automount of usb drive with ksmbd

Do you need different package or... Please let me know.


I may have to give this a spin.. how is the 6.1 kernel treating you on this hardware? Any noticeable benefit?

I didn't try a lot 5.15.

6.1 will be next stable this is why I switch to 6.1. If somebody would like to test it and compare with 5.15 I'm curious

@pesa1234 can you help me understand this statement: “Compiled to optimize speed”

Is that in reference to the last few lines in the diffconfig?

Does your build include the changes in ?

Here the two lines
Openssl compiled with


-O2 as -Os

CONFIG_TARGET_OPTIMIZATION="-O2 -pipe -mcpu=cortex-a53"
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No, it isn't still merged on main

I know it's a different platform, but I see what I think are security references and compile options to use hardware encryption?? Can any of the work that was done here help?

About hardening I leave as standard, is better to analyze cost-benefit of these option on this device.
Regarding hardware encryption it is enabled by default.

updated r24991_6.1.75

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how is 2.4ghz wifi with this snapshot?

If you are referring to the
0003-kernel-generic-6.1-config-hardening.patch, you could use it. It’s a generic patch that negates some known bad bits. diff the `0002 and 0003’ patch to see what changed.

0001, 0005, 0009, and 0010 are also generic patches that could be applied to most builds.

I’m just responding to your question, I am not advocating that anyone just add anything from this patch set without understanding exactly how it will affect your build. Read and understand any patch before you apply it.


In my opinion is good, better than my old wrt1900acs... But my environment is different from your. Only a fast test can give you a good idea

looks like there's and mt76 updated driver. can you compile a new image with kernel 6.1 based on the latest snapshot, please?

Yes, I'll do it tomorrow.

thanks. respect!

@DariukaB I may have missed the mt76 driver update in master. Where do you see it?;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/master

There have been a couple so far this year:

Mostly small bug fixes and WiFi 7 chip added (good news for future mediatek devices).



Changed title, now our device is with 6.1 as stable, enjoy