Miniupnp with igd2 not compatible with consoles

As it stands, it doesn't seem that consoles (PS4, Xbone) are compatible with the new flag set in miniupnpd, --igd2. It only works with --igd1.
I'm guessing more than me are using this for gaming on console, any chance we could have a package with igd1 as well?
I could build one for myself if I can figure out how, but that won't help anyone else.

Oh, I'm using the R8000 router with Reboot, but my assumption is that this is for everyone.

You'll have to build your own for the time being. The good news is that they've added this as a build option so it's fairly easy to do (you can see the change here):

It's pretty easy to do if you follow the steps. I suppose I could send you my built binary assuming you were using the same platform.

You can start here:

That said, your use doesn't necessarily apply to everyone else. IGDv1 is EoL since 2015, so if you want to use legacy protocols you need to compile it for yourself.

Thanks! I'll get to compiling my own.

The reason I asked for an --igd1 package "as well" as an --igd2-package, is that while my scenario doesn't apply to everyone else, it does apply to very many people. And while I don't want to use an EOL protocol, I do need an upnp implementation that actually opens ports from anything else than Transmission (the only --igd2-compatible program I've tripped over so far).
Otherwise it's just a piece of software, albeit with the correct protocol, that does nothing :slight_smile:

So I went ahead and started my own build. Oh boy did that strand quickly.
There's no information on how to get/make a 0.17.1-build-environment, the instructions linked only pulls what seems to be the development branch from GIT and ends there. I seem to lack the development knowledge to make that into a build environment and build the needed package.

I also found this:

And I have to agree, the package functionality seems broken for most upnp-purposes with IGD2 enabled, so while the implementation bugs are in the clients, enabling IGD2 does seem to effectively render the package useless for most purposes.

Is it possible to request a package like "miniupnpd-v1" alongside "miniupnpd" if the protocol change is permanent?
Please send a support request to Microsoft of fixing their hardware instead of requesting bad practice workarounds.

If there is a large user base of home electronics devices with the old protocol, those devices will likely not be updated in scale.

So it might make sense to revert back to defaulting to the old protocol.

Xbox One isn't an old product, I don't see why we should discuss it any further.

My current list of non-working devices on IGD2 are a PS3, a PS4, and Nvidia remote play. The Xbox was from someone else, but still valid.

My best guess is that none of these will fix their implementation in any reasonable amount of time, if ever, so for now LEDE's upnp-implementation is broken for real world applications.

I do realise it's not even directly a LEDE package, but from a users perspective it just doesn't work on LEDE.

I'll give compiling a few more tries, but I'm just a random power user, for everyone else it'll still be broken.

I was in your same situation, needing that miniupnpd package had igd1 support instead igd2. So i decided to compile my own package.

What is your router model / architecture ?

Thanks for the reply! My router is an R8000, under the target bcm53xx.

You're incorrect, my PS4 works perfectly fine with IGDv2. I'll have a look at my PS3 later.

Really? I find that very strange. What's the contents of your /var/upnp.leases file if you clear it, restart miniupnpd and then disable and enable for example Remote Play on the PS4?

miniupnpd - igdv1 - lede 17.01 Broadcom BCM47xx/53xx (ARM)

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Thanks a million. Everything works again, as soon as I installed the IGD1 version the leases list started populating with new entries.

Hi marbi, I have the same issue. I can only get Moderate NAT on two Xbox One consoles. Needless to say this has been driving me crazy and I couldn't figure out what was going on with UPNP since I would never see entries show up for the Xbox Ones. Would the package you compiled with IGD1 also work for a WRT3200ACM?


No, since they are not sharing same package architecture. You need to compile for your router target/architecture.

Thanks marbi, I've never complied a package before so I'll have to figure it out and learn how to do it.

miniupnpd - igdv1 - lede 17.01 WRT3200ACM